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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Spider-80X   Crystal Instruments Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Systems Highlights. •Highly modular, distributed, networkable dynamic measurement system. • 4 - 1024 input channels. •Time synchronization accuracy up to 100 ns for all channels. •PC Tethered mode or standalone Black Box mode. •All input channels sampled simultaneously up to 102.4...
BMH70 Dry   Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc. High Vacuum Pumps This turbomolecular pump system is a fully assembled and ready-to-operate ultra high vacuum system as a table top unit which requires a hydrocarbon-free high and ultra high vacuum. Advantages to the User. High effective pumping speed. Low ultimate pressure ( < 10 E-8 mbar ( < 0.75 x 10 E-8...
BM6820   BatteryDAQ Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Systems BM6800 NEMA 4 (IP65) systems utilize our Arshanold modules and optional parts, pre-assembled in industrial grade enclosures which meet the toughest machine protection standards. Due to the lack of a compact design, those of our competitors that even offer a reliable high capacity system do not have...
Series 650   VAT, Inc. Vacuum Valves Pressure control and isolation valves with pendulum plate for downstream applications. Compact design. Fast, virtually particle-free and shock-free operation. Powerful integrated controller.
Mercury 1500   MicroE Systems Incremental Rotary Encoders MicroE Systems introduced the Mercury series of compact encoders to help equipment designers achieve smaller and faster motion systems. Enabling many new applications, the Compact Encoders series has grown to 12 models due to an expanding range of applications requiring more resolution, speed, and...
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  • Auto Body Supply
    to store in any area that can accommodate an average-sized tool box, it's lightweight and flexible enough to be rolled out when you need to put it to use. With the powerful hydraulic ram that does the actual compacting, the Little Squeeze has four tons of crushing power. Because these are perfect
  • Powder Metal Molding
    Powder metal molding uses heat and pressure to form precision parts and shapes. The process begins by filling a die with powder and then compacting it at room temperature to form an engineered shape. Next, this compacted shape is ejected from the press and fed through a high-temperature furnace
  • Air Injectors and Bin Fluidizers
    a portion of bulk material along the wall. These devices also help reduce flow restrictions from adhesion, rat holing, compacting or clogging.
  • FEA lets compactor roll on polygons
    of the polygonal drums makes them more effective for applications including postcompacting subsoil, compacting layers that are thicker than usual, and preparing landfills. A MSC.Marc simulation compares the maximum propagation
  • Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP)
    (HIP) are used for densifying high-performance ceramics, ferrites and cemented carbides; net-shape forming of nickel-base superalloy and titanium powders; compacting high-speed tool steel; diffusion bonding of similar and dissimilar materials; and eliminating voids in aerospace castings
  • Vibratory Solids Feeders
    reduce flow restrictions from adhesion, rat holing, compacting or clogging. Impactors provide automation with a sledgehammer-type action. Shakers rock or tilt the whole bin. Vibrators impart vibrations into the bin using an unbalanced motor or an electromechanical vibrator. Some bin activators
  • Using SmartStix I/O with MiniOCS
    , SCADA, Process Monitoring, Distributed Control, Injection molding, Process Control, Trash Compacting, Counting/Timing, and much more. This combination has many advantages including: Compact size, Affordable price, Ideal for standalone or network applications, Wide range of I/O and network options
  • Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP)
    . Dry bag cold isostatic pressing is useful for higher speed automated pressing of small parts such as spark plug insulators. Wet bag CIP is useful for compacting larger parts as well as prototyping small parts.

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