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    Electromagnets - (125 companies) process manufacturing, material handling, or scrap-yard use. Laboratory and Permanent Magnets. Other types of electromagnets include laboratory electromagnets and permanent or electromagnet combinations: Laboratory electromagnets are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Magnets - (434 companies)
    Industrial magnets are manufactured for industrial use. They include individual magnets, bulk magnet materials, magnetic assemblies, magnetic sweepers, magnetic lifts, magnetic sheet handlers, magnetic retrievers, and permanent / electromagnet... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Advertising and Marketing Services - (7985 companies)
    ...of expectations, such as quality and performance, which produce customer loyalty. Advertising and marketing services that specialize in branding should conduct market research and provide positioning and targeting strategies such as unique selling... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetizers - (19 companies)
    ...a small magnetizer or a large magnetizer, depending on the application requirements. Yoke magnetizers are also commonly available. These electromagnets are shaped like horseshoes, and are often used during magnetic-particle testing. Yoke magnetizers... Learn More
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    Liquidation Services - (82 companies)
    Liquidation services provide a method for businesses to acquire liquid capital (cash) by selling their products, equipment, or any other assets. Using a reseller company who specializes in selling or purchasing refurbished or used goods, the company... Learn More
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    Magnetic Chucks - (37 companies)
    Magnetic chucks use the magnetic force from a permanent magnet, electromagnet or electro-permanent magnet to achieve chucking or holding action. They are only suitable for workpieces made of magnetic materials such as steel or iron. How to Select... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    E-commerce Services - (736 companies)
    E-commerce services provide technical expertise for selling goods and services online. E-commerce services help businesses to sell goods and services online. They develop an E-commerce strategy for a company, and then propose a suitable E-commerce... Learn More
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    Magnetic Bearings - (14 companies)
    Magnetic bearings use an electromagnet to provide noncontacting, friction-free motion in rotary applications. Magnetic bearings use an electromagnet to provide non-contacting, friction-free motion in rotary applications. They are constructed... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Separator Components - (129 companies)
    Magnetic separator components are used to remove tramp metal from process flow equipment. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Locks - (22 companies)
    Magnetic locks are devices that secure door or gate entryways by using magnetic force. Current is supplied to electromagnets to hold or cut off, allowing the door or gate to be opened. These devices are used in commercial applications as well... Learn More
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    This company would then sell its electromagnets to hospitals, which would rent them out to patients.
  • FDA grants Fonar permission to market the Pinnacle
    The company 's full MRI product line, the FONAR Seven, the most extensive in the... ...weight-bearing, upright positions; the QUAD 12000, its 0.6 Tesla Open unit ( electromagnet ); the Echo, a compact... ...MRI scanner designed to sell at a low price...
    I estimate that the cost of each 8 x 8 electromagnet array and its electronics could be... As mentioned above, the Zowie tracking technology used with the Actuated Workbench was suffi- ciently cost-reduced by the company that they could sell each toy playset for under $50, suggesting that tabletop TUIs might be less expensive and more common inthe...
  • Laws of attraction
    Some firms, such as United Grinding Technologies, Miamisburg, Ohio, are sold on the benefits of electromagnetic chucks. For the past 12 years, the company has used O.S. Walker electromagnets on its Studer CNC grinders.
  • Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments
    The disadvantage of electromagnets is that the pole pieces generate stray fields even when the electric current... There are a number of commercial companies selling pulse magnetic chargers.
  • Rare earth metal supply in EU gets a hit as China reduces exports
    The companies claim that stopping the use of rare earths would make components bigger and bulkier. China might be selling only rarer, pricier materials like neodymium and dysprosium used in magnets and lasers... ...Think Global AS says, “European suppliers are trying to find ways to make electromagnets which don’t use...
  • How to Invent
    In 1892 he sold out of his General Electric Company and then spent several years trying to produce an iron ore concentrate but when the Mesabi range of high grade iron ore was discovered he realised this must be abandoned with a... With his father and brothers he constructed steam engines and electromagnets as well as telescopes; they went...
  • Magnetic resonance imaging—the Aberdeen perspective on developments in the early years
    ...the interest of speed, it was of the same configuration, using a similar electromagnet but at twice... It is worth recording here that the major multinational companies began to produce and sell their MRI machines from 1983 onwards, and the author believes that in the beginning, they did not pay royalties: it was not until the BTG took the...
  • The engineer’s moral right to reputational fairness
    Finally, the defendants were charged with antitrust violations for allegedly preventing plaintiffs, because of the way the Bell System was structured, from selling use licenses under their U.S. patent to AT&T- affiliated Operating Companies and other telephone companies. ...their formal complaint, at the factory the Swedish engineers explained their short-armature electromagnet design.9 They...
  • A History of Control Engineering 1800-1930
    ...governor.2 In another patent, issued in the following year, Staite abandoned the clockwork mechanism in favour of a weight to draw the carbon electrodes together and an electromagnet to separate them.3... ...maker Jules Duboscq and sold under his name with... ...most interest, however, are the systems which were developed by the Brush Electric Company * and by Elihu...

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