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  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs)
    . For an understanding of 3.0mm diameter CCFLs, which are increasingly found in LCD display modules, and to aid in the selection of a lamp diameter for a particular application, a comparison of photometric, electrical, and temperature characteristics are given for a 3.0mm and a 6.5mm lamp. Results of experimentation
  • Comparative Field-Test
    In an independent comparison of OBB's Lamp Housing with elliptical reflector vs. a competitor's condenser (lens/reflector) housing, a 100 watt Hg lamp was mounted in the OBB Lamp Housing, and a 350 watt Hg lamp was mounted in the competitor's conventional lamp housing. Both lamps were focused
  • Measurement of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons with an 11.7 PID (.pdf)
    . Pembroke, MA 02359. 1.0 Introduction. same sensitivity as the FID (6) as shown in. Table I. The first commercial photoionization. detector (PID) was introduced in 1974 (1,2). Table I. by HNU Systems. This PID used a sealed. Comparison of the Sensitivities of the. short wavelength (121 nm/10.2 eV) UV
  • Green Energy and CAST Lighting
    , maintains good. and eliminates any possibility of direct glare. electrical conductivity throughout the life of the. system. 800.914.CAST. © Copyright 2011, CAST Lighting LLC. All rights reserved. cast-green-energy-3.2.11. 3. A comparison of the CAST Lighting System of Installa
  • Effective Technology for Blu-ray and HD Disc Process Development
    is uncomplicated for machine integration. Pulsed UV is operator safe and environmentally benign. 8. Comparison of Pulsed UV vs. Mercury UV. Pulsed UV is illustrated in a single pulse and burst mode. 9. Pulsed UV System Consists Of……. High efficiency power supply. Energy storage element. Pulse Configurator
  • Visible LEDs Application Notes
    The features of LED lamps become clear by comparison with tungsten filament incandescent lamps and discharge tubes in their light emitting mechanisms and structures.
  • CO2 balance sheet: aluminum versus alumina ceramics
    a factor of two. Whenever considering CO2 we should ask the question at which point a comparison no longer makes sense. Right here, with the heat sink as the end product? One step further, after it has been populated with electronic components? Another step further, in its use, e.g. as a LED lamp which
  • Fluorescent Illumination with High
    , notably ultraviolet (Brederode et al.,. Materials and Methods. 1991; Bridge and Klarman, 1973), violet. (Wang et al., 2010), blue (Wang et al., 2010),. Expt. 1. or red (Islam et al., 2002; Khanam et al., 2005;. Comparison of powdery mildew resistance. Rahman et al., 2002; Schuerger and Brown

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