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  • Concepts of siliziumbasierter MO-building elements
    Input characteristic -IE(-VEB) (a) and output characteristic fields IC or IC of (VCB, - IE) (VCB, - VBE) (b or c) an NPN-of-bipolar-transistor in base circuit .
  • Parameter extraction by semiconductor structure elements
    With the circuit according to image 7.12, the output characteristic field IC = f(UCE) with IB can be represented as parameters for the phototransistor PhotoBJT of the optocoupler U1.
  • Simulation of electronic circuits with micro-CAP
    Also, these results are plausible. d) About by the simulation of the output characteristic field iC = f(uCE) with parameter iB to get the representation customary of textbooks and data sheets DC is to vary Analysis limits as variable 1 VCE because …
  • Selected sensor circuits
    Task: the output characteristic field to Represent is the characteristic field IC = f(UCE) with EV as parameters for UCE of 0 to 10 V and EV = (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000) lx.
  • Bases of electrical engineering and electronics 1
    The output characteristic field IC = IC(UCE) (Abb. 2.68c) is represented with either the control voltage UBE or the driving current IB as parameters (how here).
  • Physical traineeship
    The transfer characteristic IC = f for a constant collector-emitter-voltage UCE and the output characteristic field IC = f with UBE are represented as parameters for an NPN-transistor in the Abb. E.5.0.5 (UBE) (UCE).
  • Theoretical electrical engineering
    that one must add therefore by every collector current IC, the collector-base-voltage known from the characteristics of the base circuit, UCB for base-emitter voltage UBE to obtain the characteristic field IC (UCE, IE): The characteristic field for the emitter …
  • Beyond and On This Side of industrial management
    In remaining fields, it is about the effect of complementarity (field Ia), Indifferenz (fields 1b and IIa) and competition ( fields Ic and IIIa).
  • Theoretical electrical engineering
    Must add UBE to obtain the characteristic field IC (UCE, IE): The characteristic field for the emitter circuit emerges the IC axis from that of the base circuit through legal shift by a diode characteristic that kinks lie now all right (Abb …
  • Robotic Sailing 2015
    3-Axis Digital Compass IC .