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  • Flexible, Low VOC, Chrome-Free Primer for Large Aircraft
    A new, reformulated version, PR-1432-GV, is VOC compliant , but is formulated with chromate corrosion inhibitors , which are coming under increased scrutiny due to their toxicity.
  • Handbook of Corrosion Inhibitors coatings; defoamer in food-contact paper coatings; solvent in food-contact polysulfide polymer/polyepoxy resins; ingred. in acid corrosion inhibitors for metal cleaning and... ...approved for orals; USP/NF compliance ; Canada DSL; SARA §313 reportable; CERCLA hazardous substance; VOC Manuf./Distrib.: AAE Chemie...
  • Tri-Service Conference on Corrosion - 1989 Proceedings
    Corrosion Engineering in the 90's; Corrosion Control and Prevention on Aging Commercial Aircraft; Preserving Unsheltered Exhibit Aircraft; Microencapsulated DNBM Quaternary Ammonium Corrosion Inhibitors ; Use of Plastic Media Blast on... ...Magnesium Components for the Military Environment; VOC Compliant Coatings for Aerospace Applications...
  • Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials Volume 1 and 2
    ...solids Use Level: 1-5% Raybo 57-75% - OptiSperseHS [Raybo] Uses: Dispersant for low and high HLB value pigments; gloss aid in solvent and water-reducible coatings, VOC compliant coatings Properties: 75% solids... ...and water-reducible coatings, VOC compliant coatings Properties: 90%... Trading] Uses: Rust inhibitor , can corrosion inhibitor in latex systems, direct-tometal applics.
  • Handbook of Lubricants
    ...provides slip resist. and hardness in waterborne coatings Features: Usable pH 7+; low VOC Regulatory: FDA 21CFR... ...35% NV Michem® Emulsion 34935 [Michelman] Chem. Descrip.: 141° Paraffin emulsion CAS 8002-74-2; EINECS/ELINCS 232-315-6 Uses: Lubricant, antiblocking agent, corrosion inhibitor , mar resist. aid, water... ...pH 7+ Regulatory: FDA compliance Properties: 0.275 µ...
  • Aircraft Corrosion in the Military: Maintenance and Repair Issues
    ...most important considerations in coating properties are: adhesion, low porosity, corrosion resistance (containing inhibitors ), thin film (weight... compliant ( VOC and HAZMAT requirements) and if possible intelligent (self-damage revealing).
  • Handbook of SOLVENTS
    ...human carcinogen; experimental tumorigen, teratogen; mutagenic data; common air contaminant; TSCA listed Environmental: VOC ; BOD5 0.74... Prods.: Heated to decomp., emits acrid smoke and fumes HMIS: Health 3, Flammability 2, Reactivity 1 Uses: Urea/melamine resins; polyacetal resins; phenolic resins; fertilizers; preservative for hides/skins, cosmetics; reducing agent; corrosion inhibitor ; intermediate for paints; antimicrobial... ...substance; HAP; BP, EP compliance (sol’n.
  • Corrosion Protection of General Purpose Bombs Using Metal Arc Spray Technology
    ...the abrasive media (typically, aand), coating and corrosion pmducta Currently, rm envirnrrmentafly non- compliant , two compnrrent epoxy... ...conducted a comparative laboratory avalustioni9,20 of environmentally cnmpliant alternative cnstingaheatments for the fuze wells, In addition to the current cpexy primer, alternatives tested included: including vaper corrosion inhibitor (VCI) errritters and coatirrg~... ...inseti, and a low VOC (2.1 Ibsfgal, 250...
  • Federal Register > Friday, August 31, 2001 > [66 FR 45933] Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Pennsylvania; VOC and NOX RACT Determ...
    The OP limits the VOC content of the rolling oils and corrosion inhibitors to less than 5% by weight. ...furnace must undergo annual adjustments or tune-ups on the combustion units in compliance with 25 Pa...
  • Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Hybrid Coating Process Development
    Thermal spray coatings are environmentally compliant (no volatile organic compounds - VOCs ), have better erosion resistance than urethanes or epoxies, have better UV resistance, and are repairable. This program will employ liquid crystalline polymers, in combination with corrosion and UV inhibitors (as needed) to...