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  • Cable Carriers Smooth Machine Motion
    Following guidelines for cable and hose carriers helps streamline the selection process. Cable carriers come in many design configurations, sizes, and materials. They are typically assembled from off-the-shelf components, allowing manufacturers to quickly and economically tailor a design
  • Fiber-Optic Connections
    . This is because manufacturers optimize cables for certain wavelengths and transmission modes. Standard cable lengths for OEMs are one and two kilometers, though some suppliers provide longer lengths. Cable originally developed for long-distance telecommunications, still used in LANs today, is designated
  • The Right side of the track
    is often overlooked; the lowly cable hardware, and its support structure. But the truth is that even when all system components are in perfect working order, cable failure means no signal transmission and therefore no movement. To avoid costly mistakes, take some time and learn about the design
  • Various Interfaces for Rotary Encoders
    transmission rates up to 10 Megabytes per second and cable lengths up to 1200 meters. Fieldbus Interfaces (such as Device Net, Profibus, Ethernet, CanBus, Interbus, etc.) Fieldbus communication is very cost efficient alternative to the above technologies. How it works: The automation components communicate
  • Ethernet Paves The Way For Simpler Distributed Motion-Control Systems
    wiring from each component to the central controller. This requires numerous cables and is usually considered a problem. An Ethernet-based control system requires only one cable from the host computer to a hub which then locally branches out to the other control axes. This scheme reduces the total cable
  • Setting the stage for good machine design
    of component performance parameters from this description. This list includes first-order parameters such as number of axes, travel length of each axis, precision of the motion (including resolution, repeatability, and accuracy), payload capacity, and physical size of the stages. Less obvious
  • Cameras in ITS - A Constant Evolution
    additional benefits such as off-the-shelf Ethernet components for reduced integration costs and long cable lengths up to 100 metres on a single copper link or more using switches or fibre optics.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Motors and Motion Control Components A series of ironless core, brushless linear motors produce up to 26 lb of peak force and have an overall width of 18 mm. The LEU motors are offered in two heights the LEU-15 measures 15 mm and the LEU-30 is 30 mm. Coil sizes of 35, 65, and 95 mm are available
  • Designing RS-485 Circuits
    hardware and protocol requirements are simpler and cheaper. The RS-485 standard is flexible enough to provide a choice of drivers, receivers, and other components depending on the cable length, data rate, number of nodes, and the need to conserve power.
  • Choosing the Right Cylinder
    Considerations for Choosing the Right Cylinder: What push or pull tonnage is required per cylinder in your application? (Rule of thumb; Always choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% or more than what is required to lift the load.). What is the push or pull stroke length required?. Does

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