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  • Ground Isolation when the Video Feed has a DC Component
    Picture stability problems have been encountered in the field when video isolation transformers were fed from signal sources that contained a dc component. The problems disappeared when the dc component was removed by inserting a filter in the feed line. What happens when a video signal is dc
  • Medical Device Link . Passive Component Integration: An Array of Miniaturization Solutions
    ) and passive component arrays (MLC capacitors, MLV transient suppressors, and thick-film resistors) used in medical electronics. Photo courtesy of AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, SC. Many electronics applications have serious space considerations that are pressuring manufacturers to reduce component size. Much
  • Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter or Other Passive Device or Component (.pdf)
    . ./c96cde85-fc08-45ee-9e70-79da711494bd KRYTAR APPLICATIONS IDEA #3. PAGE 1 OF 2. Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter. Or other Passive Device or Component. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. 1. Sweep Signal Generator: Select a Sweep Signal Generator capable of a frequency bandwidth that is much greater than
  • Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer-Part 2: Component Selection (.pdf)
    This series of articles continues with a review of individual components from the perspective of their practical use in microwave. frequency synthesizers. Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer Part 2: Component Selection High Frequency Design. From June 2008 High Frequency Electronics
  • Novel Interferometer Enables Challenging Measurements
    involving measurement. of thin, transparent optics, including inspection of large glass substrates for flat panel displays. In some cases it. also enables measurement of the individual surfaces of multi-component optical systems, prisms, etc. Remote Cavity Measurements. The interferometric “cavity
  • Calculating Rise Time Capabilities for Shock and Blast Measurements
    . Its signal passes through an amplifier with a -3dB frequency. This rule is very useful. It provides a relationship between. of 250 kHz. The signal is filtered before digitization by a filter with. measurement system component rise time and high frequency -. a -3dB frequency of 100 kHz. After
  • High Precision Volume Loss Measurements (.pdf)
    Loss of material due to abrasion, erosion, or other types of wear is an important phenomenon in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Wear is quantified by measuring the volume loss after a wear test or after use of a component in the field. Profilometers based on low-coherence
  • Inline Process Color Measurement
    all but the analytical and reference wavelength. The analytical wavelength is chosen to match the absorption characteristic of the component being analyzed, while the reference wavelength is a selected wavelength or bandwidth known not to be absorbed in the specific process medium. When the reference