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  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter Enhances Scramjet Engine Component Testing
    An engineering research and development company, providing inventive and distinctive solutions for Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Combustion Analysis, and Pressure/Force Measurement applications, contacted Flow Technology's local representative looking for a flow measurement system for metering
  • High Precision Volume Loss Measurements (.pdf)
    Loss of material due to abrasion, erosion, or other types of wear is an important phenomenon in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Wear is quantified by measuring the volume loss after a wear test or after use of a component in the field. Profilometers based on low-coherence
  • Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter or Other Passive Device or Component (.pdf)
    Set the leveled output power from the sweep signal generator to its maximum (usually between +12 to +20 dBm). Maximum dynamic range for the Krytar Power Meter is -39 to +20 dBm. Note that if +20 dBm Is supplied to the band pass filter, stopband attenuation of 59 dB can be measured
  • Improving Gas Turbine Temperature Measurement
    T he surge in orders for aeroderivative. and heavy-duty industrial gas turbines over the past few years has meant busy times for component suppliers, including the manufacturers of sensors and other critical instrumentation. As the technology of these machines has evolved with higher temperatures
  • GapmanGen3 Electronic Gap Measurement System for Aircraft Applications
    Process control improvement drives new gap measurement techniques. Due to increased standardization of process improvement methods such as SPC and Six Sigma, aircraft structural component manufacturers from Alenia to Lockheed are adjusting output specifications from their measurement instrument
  • Measurements on a budget
    . Real and imaginary components of DUT impedance A vector diagram helps visualize how software in the FlexDMM measures the L or C of a DUT. In the case of a capacitor, the vector representation of its impedance appears as shown at the fundamental and third harmonic frequencies. The real component
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    analysis method is used. The method is non-destructive and has been widely used in studying electrochemical processes of an electrode. Figure 1 shows a typical complex impedance spectrum of a pH glass electrode with the real component of the impedance assigned to the abscissa and the imaginary component
  • Acceleration Effects on Tilt Measurements
    A tilt sensor at rest experiences a constant gravitational. acceleration G. When the sensor is tilted (rotated) by an. angle ? from its starting position, it senses this tilt as the. acceleration component T, where T = Gsin? ( see diagram. below). For small angles measured in radians, sin

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