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  • Applied Force and Component Selection
    Sometimes the best way to selecting the right component for an application is to base your choice on what it needs to do. In other words, start with the motion or action required of the operator, considering the requirements of the application and the environment in which it will be used. Is a knob
  • The right finish
    components. The operating environment is the primary factor that dictates what sort of surface finishes zinc alloy die castings should have. Key selection drivers include the need for corrosion protection, conductivity, surface hardness, wear resistance, and solderability. But aesthetics and cost may
  • Medical Device Link .
    which sort of specifications really need to be obtained from each motion component supplier so that true apples-to-apples
  • Getting FEA right the first time
    serial rather than concurrent product-development processes, lack of management commitment, and inadequate user skills. Even organizational size contributes. These hurdles and their solutions sort themselves into three major elements required for a successful implementation of FEA: adoption, adaptation
  • Smart Computing Article - Your PC Runs Slowly Or Erratically
    prime suspect, and following these tips could help you crack the case. New software is likely to slow a system down if it has some sort of always-on component, such as a background virus checker or a scheduler, but even software which lacks such a feature can occasionally cause problems. Try
  • Computer Power User Article - 20 Tips To Help Chill Your CPU With Water
    Plastic clamps such as this one are OK for securing hoses, but metal clamps are quite a bit tougher. If your budget allows, use copper (rather than aluminum) waterblocks because copper is denser and transfers heat faster. If you can't afford more than one copper component, don't save cash by mixing
  • New Spin For Flywheel Technology
    details now considered state of the art. Among them: Outer and inner housings to contain any catastrophic wheel failures, an integrated turbomolecular vacuum pump, and dual magnetic bearings. NASA's G2 flywheel is a demonstration unit built to show, among other things, redundancy at the component

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