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  • Filters for Compressed Air Dryers (.pdf)
    , and for process operations. The compressed air drying process includes many equipment components including filters. Their performance has an affect on the degree of dryness and cleanliness of the compressed air.
  • Drying Compressed Air Guide (.pdf)
    Any user of compressed air will, at some point, see liquid water appearing in the air distribution system. This can be anything from a nuisance to a serious problem, depending on the application. Getting the water out of the compressed air depends on understanding where it came from and what
  • Purging the Plenum for Better Laser Cutting: How Dry Compressed Air Can Increase Laser Intensity
    Typically, compressed air or nitrogen circulates in the plenum to ensure that water, dirt, dust, smoke, haze, and solid particulate matter are absent so that the mirrors in a laser resonator do not become cloudy. In recent years, membrane air dryer systems that provide drying and removal
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    , particularly in air filtering and drying equipment, which can have damaging moisture effects like pipe corrosion. Finally, the distance that the air travels through the distribution system should be minimized. Audit results found that the payback period is typically shorter than 3 months for this measure
  • Membrane Filter Saves 12 Hours/Week Maintaining Refrigeration Dryer
    Switching to a membrane dryer saved 12 hours per week that a manufacturer of forestry equipment previously spent maintaining a refrigerant dryer used to remove moisture from compressed air. Drying compressed air is critical to Windsor Forestry Tools, Milan, Tennessee, because moisture causes
  • Processed Air Ensures Food Quality (.pdf)
    Compressed air and culinary steam are commonly used in the food industry in a variety of applications including controlling devices used in the processing operation (e.g., using compressed air to open/close a pneumatic valve), handling the product and or packaging (e.g., ingredients handling
  • How Balston Air Dryers Work (.pdf)
    Prior to entering the membrane drying module, the compressed air passes through a high efficiency coalescing filter to remove oil and water droplets and particulate contamination with an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.01 micron. The liquids removed by filter cartridge continuously drip from the filter
  • Vortex Tube: How it Works for Bottling Companies
    The vortex tube is a cost-effective industrial solution. This mechanism does not make use electricity or cooling compounds but compressed air. It separates solid air into hot and cold air. The device is perfect for industrial applications to cool machinery and high-temperature products completely

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