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  • Compressed Air Versus Blowers -The Real Truth
    and blower operated. systems. In the last ten years, much was made about the high cost of energy utilizing compressed air. This has created. both claims and counter claims by suppliers of both blower operated technologies and compressed air amplifiers. (which are flow amplifiers) as to which is the best
  • Measurement and Control of Compressed Air Systems (.pdf)
    , flow and pressure regulation. Easidew Transmitter and On-Line versions give continuous measurement and the Easidew Portable is a convenient instrument for. regular spot-checks at point of use of the compressed air. Additionally, the Cermet II Hygrometer which is a sensor/monitor. combination
  • Improving Wastewater Treatment With Air Flow Instrumentation
    -. biodegradable solids that settle to the. • Flow Sensor Technology. bottom of the basin. • Range and Accuracy. • Operating Environment. Large amounts of compressed air are. • Ease of Installation. required to ensure this process operates. • Maintenance and Life. effectively to treat the water
  • Air/Gas Mass Flow Meter Improves Wastewater Treatment Processing Efficiency
    million gallons per day. In planning for the wastewater treatment plant's expanded capabilities, the city's water engineers identified minimizing aeration basin compressed air energy costs as a goal. ./9fb6e46e-0f52-4ed9-a506-b59b3db5702b Technical Publication. Air / Gas Mass Flow Meter Improves
  • Flow sensors are key to analyze, optimize and maintain the air consumption of a pneumatic application
    Wasting compressed air is usually harmless. to the environment. This may be the reason. why air leaks are often not taken seriously. The fact is compressed air is the most. expensive energy available in a production. facility. Consequently, air leaks are often-. times an underestimated waste
  • Case Study: Air Dryer Adds Hundreds of Dollars of Production/Week on High-Precision Slitting Machines
    , electrical, electronic, film, furniture, health services, magnetic tape, packaging, personal safety, pharmaceutical, rubber, textile, wild game control, and wire. Metlon will also develop special slitting and winding machinery for new products. Compressed Air Sensors. One of the competitive
  • Dilution Flow Panels for Combustible Gas Monitoring
    at the. sample tap to dilute the sample, reducing concentrations. to below the dew point. For example, if monitoring for. unburned fuel within a combustion process exhaust, we. expect a very high concentration of by-product water. vapor. Air can be blended from a compressed air. source to keep
  • Application Note: Comparative Motor Technologies
    Air Actuators use compressed air to move a piston for linear motion or turn a turbine for rotary motion. Responsiveness, speed and power (torque) are determined by air pressure and flow rate through the actuator. The greater the pressure, the greater the torque; the greater the flow, the higher

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