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  • Improvement of storage, handling, and transportability of fine coal. Quarterly technical progress report No. 4, October 1, 1994--December 31, 1994
    The precise controltarget suggested that we use equipment manufactured by Max Machinery, a leading manufacturer of precision low flow meters and totalizers . Due to the experimental nature of the project, we decided to provide an option to use compressed air assisted "fog" nozzles to atomizethe reagent as it was applied to the wet cake We assembled the reagent delivery system in our Pittsburgh laboratory …
  • Process Equipment Procurement in the Chemical and Related Industries
    • Position of compressed air injection point in to the recycled water (in the piping • Painting/coating by corrosion resistant paint for all vessels • Instrumentation— flow meters and totalisers for the incoming, outgoing and re- .
  • Mobile Variable Depth Sampling System Design Study
    Flush water system, including reservoir,pump, gauges ( flow , pressure, totalizer ), and controls. A portableair pressure system would provide the compressed air for the MVDSS.
  • Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications 3rd Edition Complete Document
    … the carbon filtration setup, the recharge system was able to maintain a consistent flow of water into … With groundwater control within the tunnel provided by a constant pressure of compressed air , water problems could be generated or With the dewatering and recharge combination, the shaft was able to be completed and the local tunneling work accomplished Totalizer vs Time for Recharge System .
  • Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS) Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR)
    1, and the compressed (instrument) air system is described in Section 4.5.2. When salt well pumps are used to transfer waste from 10 SSTS, data from the salt well flow totalizers are used in the material balance calctllations (see 11 Section 4.4.7), The tsnk level detection systems shall measure waste levels with …
  • Advanced Turbine Systems (ATS) program conceptual design and product development
    Natural gas at low pressure is compressed using an air -driven compressor to 20 bar. Gas flows from the compressor through stainless steel tubing to a tee just upstream of the heat … Flow of liquid was monitored using a positive displacementflowmeter and totalizer (MaxFlowmeter) that displays the flowrate and …
  • Task 8 -- Design and test of critical components
    Natural gas at low pressure is compressed using an air -driven compressor to 20 bar. Gas flows fiom the compressorthrough stainless steel tubing to a teejust upstream of the heat exchanger tubing. Flow of liquid was monitored using a positive displacementflowmeterand totalizer (Max Flowmeter) that displaysthe flowrate and the …
  • Hazard Analysis for the Pretreatment Engineering Platform (PEP)
    Level indicators and flow totalizers are used in the procedure to monitor material addition. Prevent backflow of permeate into compressed air system. Closed.
  • Pecan Oil Recovery and Composition as Affected by Temperature, Pressure, and Supercritical CO 2 Flow Rate
    Compressed air at 6.89 ϫ 105 Pa An Omega model FMA1820 electronic flow meter (Omega Engineering, Inc., Stamford, CT) measured the expanded CO2 flow … The flow meter was connected to an Omega model DPF66 flow totalizer (Omega Engineering, Inc., Stamford, CT …
  • HydrogenFueled Hybrid: Pathway to a Hydrogen Economy
    Fuel Economy and Vehicle Emissions Economy and emissions were measured at a California Air Resources Board (CARB … With compressed fuel storage, the change in tank pressure between the start and completion of each test … With the TOMH system, a MicroMotion fuel flow sensor with a flow totalizer function was employed for chassis dyno testing.
  • Automatic laboratory analyzers for distillation curve
    Thereby, the volume flow rate of distilling vapors is held constant. At this time the controller PRZ.21 is turned off, and constant-pressure compressed air is fed to its integrator from the set-point adjuster Z2. This air passes to the minus chamber of the totalizer SM.
  • Petroleum-free extraction of oil from soybeans with supercritical CO2
    … CV) check valve, (FI&2) gas filters, (C) diaphragm compressor, (RV) back pressure regulating valve, (RP) regulated gas pressure (TC1-3) thermocouples, (SV1-6) shut-off valves, (ACI&2) gas coolers, (MV) micrometering valve, (FM) flow meter, (F'r) flow totalizer and (EP) extractor pressure. The compressed gas is then allowed to flow through the vertically mounted extractor in either direction by … … for the extraction (temperature varies with pressure), the gas is passed through an air cooler (AC-1 …
  • Building a Full-Scale Live Well Simulator
    A 5500 litre air bank supplies compressed air at 175 bar. The original instrumentation was typical for this type of rig: Weight indicator Rotary torque indicator Tong pull indicator Pit volume totalizer , including return flow and gain/loss P. 475^ .
  • Enrichment of tocols from rice germ oil using supercritical carbon dioxide
    … liquid pump; 7, back pressure regulator; 8, air compressor; 9, rupture; 10, heating circulator; 11, preheater; 12, liquid extractor; 13, heating jacket; 14, metering valve; 15, separator; 16, electric heater; 17, flower meter; 18, flow totalizer ; 19, air bath; P, pressure gauge … It was then compressed to a desired pressure by means of a liquid pump (Haskel, Burbank, CA …
    The liquid CO2 from the cylinder was compressed to the desire pressure and flows into the heated extraction vessel, in which CO2 passes through a bed of glass spheres, propylene wool, sample and propylene wool before expan- sion in the micrometer valve. … total volume of CO2 was determined with a mass flow meter and a totalizer from Alicat Scientific … The CO2 (99.995% purity) was supplied by Air Liquide (Lisbon, Portugal).