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Parts by Number for Compressed Air Oil Separator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HPDA-300   Seedburo Equipment Company Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners The Dri Air separates water and oil from compressed air lines, collects rust, scale and sediment, ejects liquids and matter automatically from airlines and delivers clean, dry air to pneumatic tools and equipment. These completely automatic separators require no accessories and can be installed...
72491   U.S. Plastic Corporation Industrial Containers process. Compressed air passes through a condensate separator and coalescing filter to remove contaminants, next the air passes through an absorbent filter to remove gasses. A vacuum draws the particulate-laden atmosphere out of the container. The closures are individually cleaned and immediately...
PAT-095   Pneumatech, Inc. Aftercoolers finish. Maintenance. Periodic cleaning of the fins with compressed air is necessary to remove dirt and dust accumulation. Check the automatic drain on the separator (sold separately) periodically. If the inside of the tubes need to be cleaned of oil and carbon, use a chlorinated solvent. Do not use...
72506   U.S. Plastic Corporation Industrial Containers to temperature extremes; you need rigidity; you value product integrity; you want to eliminate waste; or you are concerned about the environment. Contaminates such as loose dirt, dust, carton lint, oil, aerosols, and fine glass particle are removed by the vacuum and ionization process. Compressed air passes...

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