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  • Compressed Air History
    . >>. Compressed Air Filters. >>. Compressed Air History. >>. Example of Compressed Air System Piping. >>. Compressed Air System Controls. >>. Compressed Air Systems. >>. Compressor Oil & Lubricant Resources. >>. Drain Valves. >>. Filter-Regulator-Lubricators, FRL. >>. Glossary of Terms. >>. How to Select
  • Hybrid Refrigerated/Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
    the refrigerated dryer 's separator (3) where the liquid water and newly formed oil droplets are removed from the compressed air stream. The separator element also captures solid particles 3 micron and larger. The cold saturated air continues through an oil coalescing filter (4) further reducing
  • White Paper: Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently and Cost-Effectively to Prolong Equipment Life
    and compressed air. In operation, the only things to be monitored are the differential pressure gauge (for particulate filter condition), and the moisture level in the oil (to determine when conditioning is complete). Driflex TM Oil Conditioning System. Conclusion: Driflex TM Oil Conditioning System
  • Replacing Old Refrigerated Dryers - Reducing Maintenance, Reducing Pressure Drop
    is big, with peak demand of 15,000 SCFM.  There are three distinct compressor locations that supply the compressed air.  The maintenance manager wanted to focus on improving the compressed air system in phases. The first phase of the project deals with (3) 2000 SCFM oil flooded screw compressors
  • Case Study: Membrane Dryer Applications (.pdf)
    In most manufacturing environments, the use of compressed air is an integral part of the production process. Compressed air is used for a variety of applications including air tools, production presses, dry boxes, automation and packaging equipment to name a few. The importance of clean, dry
  • Regaining Control of Controls
    The search for cost savings has increased the awareness of the high electrical cost of operating a compressed air system. There are specific rules (not rules of thumb) that govern the performance of a compressed air system. You, or someone you trust, must know the rules to prevent problems
  • 15 Rules on Condensation
    for the air piping on a system that uses non lubricated compressors as the exclusive supply of compressed air. Although oil carry over from compressors is not desired, it does lessen the corrosive impact on an air system that uses the traditional black iron pipe. The absence of oil carryover, in a non lubed
  • Application: Cheese Making
    where it is compressed under its own weight for about 35 minutes. VACUUM is applied to pull out excess whey and air trapped during pressing. It. helps to cool the cheese which allows it to cure more evenly. At the bottom of. the tower 20 kg (44 Lbs) blocks of cheese. �� APPLICATION BULLETIN

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