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  • Compressed Air History
    Rebuilding. Compressor Blowers. Compressed Air Monitors. Compressed Air Piping. Dew Point Meters. Flow Meters. Pressure Gauges. Pressure Switches. Air Receiver Tanks. Compressed Air Audits. Valves & Regulators. Vibration Pads. Drain Valves. No-Loss Drain Valves. Timer-Controlled Drain Valves. Search
  • Compressed Air Systems Technical Data
    When air is compressed in a tank system, water accumulates in the tank. To understand how this works, think of a stack of sponges saturated with water. Exert pressure on the sponges and water comes out. Compressing volumes of air has the same effect. The humidity in the air accumulates in the tank
  • Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services
    . If they do, and the application is a low pressure one, about 50 PSI or less, the Hayward butterfly valve should do the job. One thing to remember though is that the soft elastomer liner of the butterfly valve will have a tendency to dry out and harden in compressed air or gas service. This will make
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    (pH and total dissolved solids), flow and temperature. Clean and replace filters and heat exchangers per manufacturer s specifications. (see also the Leak Reduction section below). Specify pressure regulators that close when failing. Check all applications requiring compressed air for excessive
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Accessories and Systems
    Summary of Pressure Sequence The sequence of compressed air flow in a pneumatic system is shown again in Fig 28: * Air Compressor - outside air is compressed to a pressure higher than that of the atmosphere. * Air Line Conditioners - devices located at various points provide moisture removal
  • Processed Air Ensures Food Quality (.pdf)
    into an overall. content. a number of other standards have been. system for the CIP process with appropri-. Filter systems are employed to remove. developed regarding the level of allowable. ate valves, drains, pumps, pressure gauges,. the deleterious substances from com-. contaminants in compressed air
  • How to Select a Pressure Transducer for Industrial Applications
    with the. media, which can include motor oil, brake fluid, refrigerants, hydraulic. fluids, seawater, wastewater, tap water, oxygen, compressed air, and. nitrogen, to mention just a few. Special consideration must be made for. harsh media such as ammonia, ionized water, salt water, hydrogen,. acids and jet fuel
  • A Pressure Transducer that Can Handle Just About Anything
    : Beginning at the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed and leaves the compressor as a high temperature, high pressure gas. Step 2: The hot refrigerant enters the condenser, which is usually fan forced air cooled; then the refrigerant leaves the condenser as a warm liquid and continues
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Pressure Accessories and Systems
    sevenfold, for example, as the air containing it is compressed to 100 psig. This often results in water vapor pressures exceeding the room -temperature saturation. pressure. While the water may remain in gaseous form at the higher temperatures charac-. teristic of the compressor exhaust, it is likely
  • Pressure Transducer Usage in VFD Control for Electric Motors in Machinery and Factory Automation
    of water decrease the outlet water pressure of the tower such that immediate refilling is required. Compressed air systems: Includes shop air supply, where approximately constant, reliable air pressure is required. VFD pumping systems excel where continuous monitoring of pressure to minimize