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  • Medical Device Link . EtO Sterilization: Principles of Process Design
    the rationale behind the design of the cycles and the options available: Water vapor and process nitrogen are the only inert gases considered in the flammability calculations performed during the air-elimination and gas-purge phases. There is no stratification of process gases. All process gases
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the smallest. The capacity of the machine 's built-in 63.5-mm, 22.4-kW extruder is 109 kg/hr for low-density polyethylene, 91 kg/hr for high-density polyethylene and 81 kg/hr for polypropylene. Dry, oil-free compressed air is supplied to the system at a rate of 24.5 m3/hr at a typical 4.2-bar pressure
  • Plastics Processing..... How Plastic Resin Becomes Pipe, Valve, Etc.
    molding, is used to form the part. This form, called a parison, is softened inside a mold and then injected with air or other compressed gas. This expands the parison against the sides of the mold cavity, forming a hollow object the size and shape of the mold. Blow molding is often used to produce