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Squareness of a compression spring refers to the perpendicularity of the spring to its own axis. A spring that is "square" will exert more uniform loads, which may be needed in critical applications. Springs with ground ends generally offer better squareness than those with closed only ends...

There are basically four (4) types of ends on Helical Compression Springs: closed & ground, closed & not ground ends, open & ground ends and open & not ground ends. This article describes the types of ends and their benefits....

The Solid Height of a compression spring is the height of the spring when all of the coils are brought together (stacked) by compression (load). Solid Height should only be specified when it is important to the function of the spring. It should be specified as a maximum allowing the spring...

The Lee Spring catalog has always offered springs with relatively low spring rates or workable (maximum) loads. But often, the offered diameters (outside or inside) were too small to accommodate the intended application assembly requirements....

Extension Spring Ends...

...for spring design. However, the technology to measure and predict stress, improved spring materials, and the predictability of performance springs has grown significantly. Typically, four functions classify springs: done by compression springs, spring washers, volute, and beam springs. Helical...

...the springs have no control over raw-material properties so they must compensate for the variations during manufacturing. Most spring-coiler machines, notably compression-spring formers, use standard tooling to vary factors such as coil count, pitch, body diameter, and wire feed. Typically, spring rate (lb... conditions. Variable inputs for a compression spring appear in the window to the right. Outputs are in the fields on the left. Definitions of spring variables with descriptive images would be a useful addition to the input window. Ballpoint pens, for example, use coil springs while battery...

The active coils are what make a spring a spring. We normally refer to the coils that open in an extension spring, the coils that deflect or close in a compression spring and the coils that twist or wind up/down in a torsion spring as "active"....

The active coils are what make a spring a spring. We normally refer to the coils that open in an extension spring, the coils that deflect or close in a compression spring and the coils that twist or wind up/down in a torsion spring as "active ". The active term should really be applied to any...

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