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  • Tension/Compression Testing System
    . Industry. Research institute. Objectives. Overbiew. Using CONTEC digital I/O, analogue I/O and counter boards with lap top PC for Testing system. The expansion unit with long cables allows layout flexibility. Tension/compression test equipment is used to test the strength of each material
  • Strength of Hinges
    without testing. The loads during shipping can be greatly minimized by. securing the outer edge of the door. A type of latch that. prevents the outer edge of the door from any movement. can solve a “hinge strength” problem!. Door stops can solve the problem of over-extending the. hinge. Material
  • Innovative High Strength Glass Microspheres for Extruded and Injection Molded Parts (.pdf)
    from high strength bubbles cur ently used in. 50M) with a three-zone screw (feed, compression and metering). plastic applications (3M™ S60HS Glass Bubbles), to new. was used to injection mold ASTM test specimens for physical. and experimental products that are higher in strength (3M™. property
  • Package Performance Testing Conundrum: Solved!
    D4169 | Distribution Simulation Testing. ASTM D642 & Other Compression Strength Tests. Vibration Testing & ASTM D999. ISO 11607 Validation Testing. Medical Device Package Testing. Package Integrity Testing. Packaging Shelf Life Studies. Package Strength Testing. Pharmaceutical Package Testing. Visual
  • Flexture Testing
    Flexure or flex tests are used to evaluate the strength of brittle, fibrous, anisotropic, or low ductility materials including ceramics, composites, cast irons, highly loaded plastics, wood, concrete, and refractories. Flexure testing consists of applying a load to a beam of the test material
  • Packaging With Assurance testing the integrity of packaging materials
    The growth in packaging across many consumer markets has created the need for testing the integrity of packaging materials. Resistance to crushing and burst strength are examples of parameters that are important to the pharmaceutical industry. Texture Analysers with special purpose test fixtures
  • Destructive Quality Testing of Welded Steel Tube (.pdf)
    Steady evolution of Non-Destructive Testing equipment has dramatically reduced the number of weld defects being sent to customers. However, even the best NDT equipment does nothing to prevent those defects from occurring. Total reliance on NDT technology can lead to serious losses in productivity
  • Tensile Testing of Basalt Fibers Using a T-150 (.pdf)
    Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has a nominal Young's modulus of 89 GPa.1 In the work described here, an Agilent T150 universal testing machine (UTM) was used to measure the Young's modulus and fracture strength of two types of basalt fi ber: one without binder and one
  • Improved Damage Tolerance Of Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blades And Vanes Using Residual Compression By Design (.pdf)
    ) through-thickness compression in the leading edge of the blade and trailing edge of the vane. The HCF strength for LPB processed blades was 125 ksi (860 MPa) without FOD, and equal or greater than the as-received blades for FOD up to 0.050 in. (1.3 mm) deep - an order of magnitude improvement
  • Aircraft Brake Unit Spring Testing
    Materials. Balloon Cloth Tensile Strength Test. Button Pull-Off Test. Bow Pull-Off Test. Diamante Pull-Off Test. Press-Stud Popper Pull-Off Test. Furniture Webbing Tensile Strength Test. Test Type. Closure Torque. Compression testing. Flexure / Bend. Peel / Adhesion. Tear tests. Top load testers