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  • Compressors

    The main difference between pumps and compressors is that the fluid delivered by compressors -- air -- is compressed and under pressure at the time it is delivered, even if there is no load on the system. Most devices used to compress air are very similar in concept and -- perhaps even in hardware

  • Rotary Screw Compressor Winterizing Tips

    compressor is inside a heated building and not affected by cold weather. A large number of air cooled compressors are installed so that their oil coolers and aftercoolers are vented to outside air. It may be directly adjacent to an outside wall or connected by extensive ductwork. The ductwork

  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Air Compressors

    required to compress air to 100 psi by. these two processes is about 36 percent. Most industrial air compressors are. near adiabatic, since the process is too fast to allow much heat to escape. through the compressor casing. 21. Air Compressors: Basic Operation. An air compressor operates

  • Applying Inverters to Centrifugal Compressors in HVAC Chillers (.pdf)

    When applying an inverter to centrifugal compressors on HVAC chillers, there are a number of factors to consider. For some compressors, lubricating oil circulation may be driven by the rotation of the compressor shaft itself, via a gear-driven pump arrangement. If you slow the motor speed

  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life

    is that the components are slowly building to failure and downtime with an unknown degree of severity. It is possible to run reciprocating compressors with valves out of tolerance and it happens more than you think. It is just not the best plan for getting the most from your compressor. Making the switch to a synthetic

  • Automotive Compressor Assembly & Test (.pdf)

    a compressor prior to start up. The results were tremendous and recorded the best start up in this customer's history in a new plant with a new product. Another challenge was the implementation of a high level of automation on a product design that was just finalizing during the project. ATW's dedication

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  • Re: Differential Pressure Switch Wiring

    I'm not sure that you have the right pressure switch. Compressor control is conventionally done with a gauge pressure (single pressure port), "wide adjustable deadband" pressure switch. A gauge pressure switch has only one pressure port. The wide adjustable deadband allows a single electrical switch...

  • Re: best free resources for steam and refrigeration design

    Look at AC and heat pumps manufacturer sites. They often have applications notes and schematics. Components manufacturers also have design info regarding the compressors, the valves...

  • Rotary Vane Compressors - need links to sites with information plus view inside

    I would like to look inside of a rotary compressor as I need some schematics, diagrams within the compressor. Information on regarding working temperatures will also be useful.

  • Re: Hotpoint Fridge Freezer - Wiring Diagram

    Or alternatively have any suggestions on what may cause the freezer not to work? We need more info. Is this a frost free refrigerator? Is the "refrigerator portion" cold? Is the "freezer" overly packed as to block the air circulation? Is the compressor running all the time? It could be as simple as...

  • Re: samsung rt28 double door refrigerator.

    More than likely the fan that circulates air from the freezer compartment is not turning. In the US there is usually an envelope somewhere on the back or the compressor section that has a schematic that will help you check the circuitry that powers the fan once you determine that the fan hasn't fail...

  • Re: Capacitor Issues

    Well, the schematic is fairly simple and we have been doing this for 30 years. The capacitance and vac is set by the compressor manufacturer, Copeland, and we have asked for and received verification of their specifications, so we're certain that the application is correct.

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  • Atlas Copco to Acquire U.S. Compressor Distribution

    STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atlas Copco AB (STO:ATCOA) (STO:ATCOB) Atlas Copco's U.S.-based Quincy Compressor LLC has agreed to acquire the compressor business of National Pump & Compressor Ltd. and McKenzie Compressed Air Inc. in the United States. National Pump & Compressor's business is located in Texas and Alabama, while McKenzie Compressed Air is focused on Texas. In total the businesses to be acquired have about 120 employees, all of whom are expected to join Quincy Compressor. Th

  • Research and Markets: Global and Chinese Air Compressor Industry Report 2014

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/95bkjv/global_and) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Air Compressor Industry Report 2014" report to their offering. The Global and Chinese Air Compressor Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth research report on the global air compressor industry with a focus on the Chinese situation. This report first provides an overview of the air compressor industry including definition

  • Oil level controls for Parallel Compressor Systems

    In the whole of the refrigeration system, a parallel compressor system is the most complex and important electromechanical device

  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

  • Scania Engines to Power Atlas Copco Compressors

    S?DERT?LJE, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: Scania AB (STO:SCVA) (STO:SCVB) Scania has been selected by Atlas Copco to power its large portable air compressor range. This extended partnership with Atlas Copco implies an annual volume of 800 engines for Scania. Atlas Copco has developed a new range of portable large compressors that will be powered by Scania engines. The partnership includes deliveries of Scania 9-, 13- and 16-litre engines complying to the emission legislation Stage 4

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Central Air Compressor Co.
FS Curtis Air Compressors: Central Air Compressor

Since 1854, the FS CURTIS ® brand has empowered generations with the air power needed to turn visions into reality. Central Air Compressor is an authorized distributor of FS Curtis lines of: Reciprocating Compressors. Rotary Screw Compressors. Oil Free Compressors. CLICK to learn more about our products.    Central Air Compressor is a top supplier of energy efficient air compressors, dry air systems, purification, and industrial process chillers. The equipment is supported...

Fluitron, Inc.
Compressors by Fluitron

Fluitron offers compressors that operate with oil or other contaminants in contact with the process. These are offered primarily on a custom-basis. Whether your requirement is for a special material of construction, e.g. stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant alloy, an unusually high or low operating temperature, or any other special requirement not offered by conventional piston machines, chances are that we can offer a suitable compressor. Typical features include: electric motor...

Chemac Inc./Uraca/Uhde HPT/Gather/BHDT
Diaphragm Compressors

Our compressors are fitted with high-pressure valves and fittings designed and manufactured in-house to provide turnkey compressor installations with a high standard of quality and long service life. In addition to our standard products, we also supply products that are individually calculated, designed and manufactured in accordance with your specifications and operating conditions. Careful quality controls throughout the entire production process guarantee that only perfect and safe products...