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  • Monitoring Temperature and Power on Aging 3-Phase Compressor Motors
    CAS DataLoggers recently helped a frozen product manufacturer to monitor temperature and perform power factoring on several large 3-phase compressor motors used for refrigeration. As these compressors aged through valve leakage and piston ring deterioration, the AC temperatures fluctuated which
    that the company's field engineer wouldn't have to spend long hours learning how to program it. Monitoring Air Compressor Runtime and Current | CAS. Data Loggers for All Applications. 1 - 800 - 956 - 4437. M-Th 8A-5:30P(EST). Fri 8A-4:30P(EST). Request Demo. Request Pricing. Newsletter Signup. Find a data
  • Temperature Monitoring and Alarming in Meat Lockers
    compressor failure, the meat could easily spoil and pose a health hazard, so the business searched for a reliable yet low-cost temperature monitoring and alarming data logger. Temperature Monitoring and Alarming in Meat Lockers | CAS. Data Loggers for All Applications. 1 - 800 - 956 - 4437. M-Th 8A-5
  • CAS DataLoggers Provides the Providers With Server Cabinet Monitoring
    to a failed AC compressor, the business would only realize it when the calls started coming in. Ideally this would all be done using a single data logger system which could connect to both sensor types. CAS DataLoggers Provides the Providers With Server Cabinet Monitoring | CAS. Data Loggers for All
  • Wired 7.05: Fetish
    three videogames, but you may not want to play them where someone might see you. 8800 series: $600. Nokia: Air Compressor. The MPEG-1 encoder/decoder chip inside the M2 Multimedia Recorder does a workstation's job, compressing stills, audio, and video into ultrasmall JPEG and MPEG
  • Monitoring and Alarming Failing AC Compressors
    a processing plant that needed to monitor the recent current and voltage fluctuations in several of their failing single-phase compressor motors. The plant manufactures ice cream and other popular desserts, and AC motors in refrigeration units run constantly to preserve the product. When
    of a compressor system. This type of long-term assessments are a viable step in the first analysis of a preliminary design, where decisions on design alternatives almost without exception will determine the system configuration during its economic life. However, it does not show the ability
  • The Top 3 Reasons the Temperature Goes Crazy in Your Fridge
    . A second source of temperature variation arises from the normal cycling of the compressor used to cool the refrigerator/freezer. Again, if the temperature displayed by your thermometer is being compared to the temperature reported by your electronic monitoring system, the response time
  • Medical Device Link .
    more air pressure than necessary. This can cause the devices to leak at needlessly high pressures, require excessive repairs, exhibit shortened compressor life, and produce high noise levels, which can contribute to patient noncompliance. The NuPulse mechanical compression device from Kinetic
  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    measurements. Also, the dusty or oil-laden. (15') power/output cable is provided. Signals are. air found in some blower or compressor systems can. provided for air velocity, temperature, high alarm. cause coating of the sensor and lead to inaccurate. condition, and low alarm condition. The air velocity

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