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  • The Right Compressor
    The compressor is at the heart of a refrigeration circuit. It has the function of circulating refrigerant inside the circuit, and delivering it at a higher pressure to the condenser. Understanding how the different types of compressors operate can be confusing.
  • Vibration Readings On Compressor
    Vibration readings came into alarm on #6 Frick ammonia high stage compressor. Vibration readings taken on the outboard side of the male and female compressor screw bearings continued to rise. Readings went into alarm in April. Work order was written to repair compressor. Work was submitted
  • Is an Ultra-high-speed Turbo Compressor the Right Compressor For Your Application?
    "The technical application is defined, the pressure rise and the mass flow are determined, but which compressor type is the right one for this application?" These or similar questions arise for many engineers and system application developers. This article provides an overview of available
  • Rotary Screw Compressor Winterizing Tips
    The oil flooded rotary screw is the most popular type of air compressor used by industrial plants. However, there is still a mystique about some aspects of this type of compressor. The company featured on our website at has repaired thousands of rotary screw airends. We wanted to gather ideas from
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    Compressor valves serves as check valves for the inlet and discharge passages of the cylinder and will open and close once for every revolution of the crankshaft. If the compressor is running at 500 rpm for 24 hours a day, the valves will open and close 720,000 times every day! Valves have
  • Automotive Compressor Assembly & Test (.pdf)
    a compressor prior to start up. The results were tremendous and recorded the best start up in this customer's history in a new plant with a new product. Another challenge was the implementation of a high level of automation on a product design that was just finalizing during the project. ATW's dedication
  • Using Ultrasound Diagnositcs on a Compressor at a Power Plant
    When a compressor was failing to generate enough pressure, the maintenance staff would try and clean each of the valves. With eight valves, it took a full shift and several personnel to remove each valve, check it, clean it, and reinstall it back into the compressor.
  • Parker VFD Cuts Costs on Factory Air Compressor
    Adding a variable frequency drive to a large factory air compressor can reduce energy usage and lower audible noise.
  • Air Compressor Monitoring with an Intelligent Data Logger
    A company specializing in compressor installation required a small but powerful data logger to measure the on time to off time and current consumption of a wide range of compressor models. This system needed to be easy for field personnel to operate with equally simple software. CAS DataLoggers

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