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  • Inter-IC Bus (I2C)
    The Inter-IC bus (I2C) is a two-wire serial bus designed by Phillips that provides a communications link between integrated circuits. Inter-IC buses are used to control and monitor applications in communications, computer, and industrial settings. Physically, the bus consists of two active wires
  • Combi Chips
    Combi chips are plastic smart cards with a central processing unit (CPU), chip operating system (COS), security module and memory embedded in the surface as an IC chip. They incorporate both contact and contactless functions. A single chip can serve as an ID, be used in place of cash, and pay
  • DSPs: Smarter than your average chip
    , battery life can be extended from a few days to weeks or even months. DSP manufacturers are integrating more functions into the chip itself. Analog Devices' DashDSP family, for example, has common motor control peripherals, including Flash memory, integrated on a 28-pin IC. Such devices are being
  • ESD Suppression Technologies (.pdf)
    Integrated circuits (IC's) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC's) are manufactured with various levels of ESD protection incorporated into the silicon die itself.This protection circuitry is designed onto the chip to maximize yields in the chip foundry and in the board manufacturing
  • Medical Device Link .
    In the worlds of clinical lab instrumentation and information systems, it seems that smaller is better. Like the computer industry, which has proven that a single integrated circuit (IC) chip can replace a room full of vacuum tube computer equipment, the IVD industry is working to develop single
  • Smart Computing Article - Laplink to latency
    of IC (integrated circuit). An IC is considered a building block of computer hardware, combining a number of miniaturized transistors, resistors, and their connecting wires onto one single chip to perform a particular function or series of functions. ICs were revolutionary in that they decreased
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    With more tools in the box, system-level design gains traction Designers gathered at the Design Automation Conference to share the promise and pitfalls of moving to software tools for IC design that address higher levels of abstraction than the accepted register-transfer level. Tiny Linux computer
  • MICRO: Wafer Handling and Fab Automation - Pisa (October 2000)
    . Productivity improvements realized by independent device manufacturers and foundries are measured in functions per dollar, numbers of transistors per unit area of silicon, or reduced manufacturing costs. Historically, three key factors have combined (albeit at different rates) to improve IC

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