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  • UCSC Press Release: New computer program
    NEW COMPUTER PROGRAM TRANSFORMS BLURRY PHOTOS INTO SHARP ONES SANTA CRUZ, CA--The conventional wisdom that a machine is only as good as its parts may no longer apply to cameras and other imaging devices. An engineer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has found a fast way to take blurry
  • Advanced Hypersonic Material Technology Program
    Charring Material Thermal Response and Ablation Computer Program (CMA92FLO) with Intumescence and Mechanical Erosion, Material properties for thermal response and intumescence developed, Analytic predictions validated for both thermal response and intumescence. Applications Investigated: Army, Navy
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics: A Computer Approach, Seventh Edition
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics: A Computer Approach, Seventh Edition. Covering the entire sequence of mathematical topics needed by the majority of university programs, this book uses computer programs in almost every chapter to demonstrate the mathematical concepts under discussion. Books24x7
  • Computer Power User Article - Coder's Corner:
    month, we'll discuss XML's limitations. Developers try to make writing computer programs easier by breaking a program up into small, self-contained files. This lets them independently edit (and debug) small portions of the overall program and write portions of the code that can be shared or reused
  • Medical Device Link . How to Implement a Statistical Process Control Program
    Implementation of an SPC program and its corresponding control charts appears relatively simple. Utilization of control charts as a mechanism for product release, however, requires a bit more. Control charts are data collection tools that require an operator and/or a computer to tabulate the data
  • High Tech Computer Viruses, Are You Protected?
    virus is a program – a piece of. place at least a year before the virus might have. executable code – that has the unique ability to. become a threat to the computing community. replicate. Like biological viruses, computer viruses. •Assimilation. can spread quickly and are often difficult
  • BMW Uses Computer Simulation to Ensure Motorcycle Stability
    BMW engineers are using computer simulation to ensure stability of motorcycles by accurately defining structural design requirements. BMW achieves greater assurance of meeting stability requirements by using computer simulation to evaluate motorcycles throughout a wide range of potential dimensions
  • Computer Controlled Variable Attenuator for Lasers (.pdf)
    the RS232. cable provided. Connect the USB port located on the side. of the power meter to a USB port on the computer. Turn. the power on for the controller and power meter. Check the installation and communication of the. peripheral devices. Run the SMC100 program from the. Start Menu. Reference

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