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    Latches - (276 companies)
    ...features for latches include an inside release, a component on the inside of the latch that allows it to be actuated, and mounting holes or slots for securing latches to doors, drawers, or cabinets. Recessed latches are designed to be mounted... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Handles and Pulls (industrial)-Image
    Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (460 companies)
    ...called cove handles, recessed handles or concealed handles. They are mounted flush and have a "cove" where the hand grips the handle. Lever Handle. Image Credit: Jergens. A handle for operating a latch mechanism. Lever handles may be supplied... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Logic Latches - (49 companies)
    Logic latches are logic devices that latch onto or retain digital states (1 or 0) in data storage circuits. Image Credit: Texas Instruments Analog Automotive and Transportation | Allied Electronics, Inc. Logic latches are logic devices that latch... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Draw-works - (33 companies)
    Draw-works are primarily used to hoist and lower the drilling line on a rotary drilling rig. Draw-works are a piece of hoisting equipment that is used to raise and lower the drilling line on a rotary drilling rig. The drilling line, a large diameter... Learn More
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    Hinges (industrial) - (445 companies)
    ...member directly above (and below) door. Latch hinges - Latch hinges make excellent lid or door latches, or easily removable hinges. Overlay hinges - Overlay hinges are used for a door that sits in front of the cabinet and covers or overlays... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Deep Drawing Services - (52 companies)
    How to Select Deep Drawing Services. Deep drawing services form parts by using a punch to radially draw a sheet metal blank into a forming die. The part is re-drawn through a series of successively smaller dies until its depth is greater than its... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Toggle Clamps - (108 companies) the same time. The action of hook clamps in pulling two parts together makes them suitable for application such as closing and holding closed doors, lids, molds, etc. Hook clamps may require a separate fixed catch. Latch type clamps are clamps... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Optical Tables - (22 companies)
    Optical Tables Information. Optical tables dampen working surfaces with superior flatness. They are used in the precision mounting of optical components. Optical tables are flat and rigid structures suited for aligning and testing sub-assemblies... Learn More
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    DIN Rail - (73 companies) an acronym for Deutsche Institute fuer Normung, a German standardization body and member of the International Standards Organization (ISO). DIN rails and mounting hardware are standard mounting equipment for a variety of electronic components... Learn More
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    Panic Bars - (54 companies)
    Panic Bars are door opening devices that span emergency exit doors on its interior. They open the latch when pressure is applied. Touch panic bar Cross bar exit device. Image Credit: Grainger. Panic Bars are door opening devices that span emergency... Learn More
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  • Acudor UF-5500 Universal Flush Access Door 8 x 8, White at
    • Frame: Drawn one piece trim flange and mounting frame • Hinge: Concealed • Latch : Screwdriver operated cam latch.
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