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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ZP02UGS Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Vacuum Pad, size 2-8, flat style, conductive silicon rubber
45010 Allied Electronics, Inc. DESCO INDUSTRIES Not Provided Conductive Antifatique Foam Rubber, Type J, 16x24 Mat
COND4872FM-F Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M STATIC Not Provided Conductive Rubber Floor Mat Kit, 48 in. x 72 in.
A824L840 Radwell Goodyear Tire & Rubber Machine Parts, Belt V-BELT OIL RESISTANT CONDUCTIVE
96AB2-102-F RS Electronics Grayhill Not Provided Conductive rubber keypad, contact system utilizes conductive rubber to mate to its PC board traces, 3 million operations per button, front top mounting, dimensions are 3x4 inches, 12 positive legends, black on white button color.

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  • Medical Device Link .
    many things. Some use the term , whereas others refer to them as (a rare and unusual stretch). Industry suppliers favor terminology that reflects the technology used in their own products. For example, to the conductive-rubber-boot suppliers, a keyboard is a , whereas flexible-membrane keyboard
  • K 2004: Oktoberfest of polymers
    would weigh less than equivalent metal parts. The mirrorlike surface of unpainted parts also opens up other promising applications, including domestic electric-appliance parts which are exposed to heat, such as oven door handles, toaster casings, and motor housings. Electrically conductive versions
  • Bright ideas
    sources feature low-power consumption (10 to 25 mA), last up to 100,000 hr, have zero impact on the tactile feel of elastomeric keys, and can backlight a larger area than surface-mount LEDs. Conductive pads are printed on the underside of the fiber-optic panel and, when integrated with rubber keypads
  • Weigh the Risks in Outsourcing Decisions
    nearby metals and conductive liquids
  • Seven Versatile Sealing Materials
    properties. It can also be easily formulated to be either conductive or nonconductive. And, when properly fabricated, silicone does not stain, corrode, or in any way damage the materials it
  • How to Drive Resistive Tactile Sensors
    . It consists of special, proprietary piezoresistive material sandwiched between two pieces of flexible polyester with printed-silver conductors on each inner half. The conductive traces form electrical connections to external circuits. The resulting sensor is paper thin, only about 8-mil thick. How

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