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Parts by Number for Conductive Rubber Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8339 Allied Electronics, Inc. MG CHEMICALS Not Provided Rubber Keypad Repair Kit; incl contact cleaner, primer & conductive coating
53-77-10G Allied Electronics, Inc. AAVID THERMALLOY Not Provided TO-220 Package Thermally Conductive Silicone Rubber Insulator
ZP02UGS Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Vacuum Pad, size 2-8, flat style, conductive silicon rubber
45010 Allied Electronics, Inc. DESCO INDUSTRIES Not Provided Conductive Antifatique Foam Rubber, Type J, 16x24 Mat
COND4872FM-F Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M STATIC Not Provided Conductive Rubber Floor Mat Kit, 48 in. x 72 in.
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Conduct Research Top

  • Medical Device Link . Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results
    , a heat-conductive tray (e.g., PTFE-coated aluminum) is an acceptable alternative. TOOL DESIGN Several aspects of tool design can have an impact on cavity pressure and vulcanization temperature within the tool. Even given successful filling, it is still possible that end products may not meet specifications
  • Medical Device Link .
    many things. Some use the term , whereas others refer to them as (a rare and unusual stretch). Industry suppliers favor terminology that reflects the technology used in their own products. For example, to the conductive-rubber-boot suppliers, a keyboard is a , whereas flexible-membrane keyboard
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    A steering wheel sensor combining thick film conductive plastic and a. novel optoelectronics technology outputs both analog and digital data. for use by the General Motors StabiliTRAK system. Sensors - February 2000 - An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor. An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor A steering
  • Medical Device Link .
    Conductive Urethanes Retain Key Properties Materials combine static dissipation with toughness and elongation Enhancing certain properties in a polymer traditionally has meant accepting trade-offs in other areas. Selectively enhanced polymers (SEPs) promise to change that equation. The technology
  • Medical Device Link . SPOTLIGHT ON ADHESIVES
    , enabling its adhesion to another object through application of pressure. A curable, cross-linking PSA that cures to a solvent-resistant tacky coating is also available. 1050 Cindy Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013. Phone: 805/684-8780. A line of conductive silver epoxy adhesives is used for bonding
  • Medical Device Link .
    Thermally conductive plastic enhances performance of heat-measuring devices. A liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) developed by Cool Polymers (Warwick, RI; 603/863-5005) has been used to mold a part for a device measuring heat flow. The LCP provides a thermal conductivity of 50 W/mK. Cool Polymers
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Conductive thermoplastics. Blending polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene thermoplastic polymer alloys with conductive fillers has yielded a conductive thermoplastic that exhibits EMI shielding up to 85 dB. To obtain an evenly dispersed fiber matrix within the polymer, fibers are treated
  • K 2004: Oktoberfest of polymers
    would weigh less than equivalent metal parts. The mirrorlike surface of unpainted parts also opens up other promising applications, including domestic electric-appliance parts which are exposed to heat, such as oven door handles, toaster casings, and motor housings. Electrically conductive versions

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