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  • Conductivity Measurement: Critical for Clean-In-Place Systems
    There are two main types of sanitary conductivity sensors contacting and inductive. Contacting sensors bring the measurement electrodes into contact with the solution to be measured. This can be a problem if the solution can foul or corrode the electrodes. Inductive sensors are non-contacting
  • Bromide Analysis in Water
    The following analysis is valid for bromide levels as low as 0.5 ppm. Check the deionized water used in reagent preparation. The specific conductivity should be no greater than 2.0 uSCM-1 (5 Mohms). Sample solutions should be free of iodide and sulfide ions. Equipment: Meter: pH/Millivolt meter
  • Repetitive Pulse Application of Self-Healing High Voltage Capacitors (.pdf)
    are generally not of the self-healing type due to the higher energy losses and poorer thermal conductivity of metallized electrode capacitors. This results in large thermal gradients and overheating. Instead, such capacitors are still manufactured using discrete foil electrodes, which provide
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    recent research on the aging mechanism of the pH-sensing glass after hightemperature exposure by using the non-destructive complex impedance spectrum method. The aging behavior of new high-temperature glass formulations in steam-sterilizable sensors, as well as the conductivity dependence
  • Auto Gas Permeability Testing of Battery Diaphragm
    the opposite electrodes and is used to improve specific capacity and specific energy and to reduce the internal resistance of battery. Excellent battery diaphragm has requirements on the following items: electric insulativity, ionic conductivity, thickness and uniformity of material, mechanical strength
  • Understanding and Optimization of the MTL-Ag Process
    During the MTL-Ag process patented by the METALAST International, Inc., Ag was deposited or embedded in the pores of formed anodic coatings to recovery the conductivity of anodic film which otherwise, is an excellent insulator. This report will focus on the potential application of this technology
  • Upfront
    techniques using local conductivity probes. Ethyl acetate hydrolysis was chosen for testing ERT because the hydroxide ions consumed and acetate ions produced during the reaction have very different conductivities, and ERT can track the change. Glaxo compared the ERT results in a stirred tank
  • Precious Metals
    Precious metals may seem unlikely as engineering materials, but the same expensive metals used for coinage and jewelry also satisfy applications requiring the ultimate in corrosion resistance or electrical conductivity. Three subgroups make up the entire family of precious metals: silver and silver

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