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  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    , for instance, is a great conductor. However, de-ionized. water is an insulator and cannot be detected by magnetic inductive fl ow meters. Liquids that have little or no. conductivity, such as hydrocarbons, oils and non-aqueous solutions, cannot be used with magnetic inductive. technology. Conductance
  • Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Spreader Options for High Performance Embedded Components and Systems
    greater than copper and minimum material conductivity of 1000 W/mK; high in plane (x-y) for efficient spreader thermal conductivity; high through plane (z) thermal conductivity for heat flux "hot"spots; yielding maximum thermal performance for power intensive applications; low, tailorable
  • Technical Insights into Uninhibited Ethylene Glycol (.pdf)
    Uninhibited ethylene glycol has been a popular heat transfer fluid choice in chillers for many years because of its initial low cost and excellent freeze and heat protection over a wide temperature range. It also has good heat transfer capabilities and low conductivity, not to mention
  • Jarden Solid Zinc Brochure
    have good. alternative to other metals such. electrical properties with electrical. Finishing: as copper and brass. It will. conductivity equal to 70/30 brass. Being one of the most versatile. produce more pieces per kilogram. non-ferrous metals available, solid. unit of weight due to the weight
  • Promass Provides Accuracy that Ensures Effective Boiling Procedure
    the initial “hot break.” Electromagnetic flow meters. to high temperatures, the Promass sensor can endure. were found unsuitable for the procedure because of the. the process temperature while continuing to provide. low level of conductivity in the hops. A Coriolis mass. accurate and reliable
  • Using Microchip's Micropower LDOs
    conductivity. Capacitors must be chosen that meet the ESR value. of PC boards and variations in airflow. range and minimum capacitance identified in device. data sheets. In general, a 1 µF - 2.2 µF capacitor is. EQUATION 4: recommended to ensure stable operation under. θ. = (. ) ⁄. JA. TJMAX – TA PDMAX
  • Water Treatment Plant, County-Wide Expansion-Bonita Springs, Florida
    switches, four pH Analyzers, one turbidity analyzer, three conductivity. analyzers, one chlorine residual analyzer and 72 field instrument TVSs. F. Miscellaneous items include spare electronic cards of each type used, spare control panel components of each type. used, calibration equipment, test equipment
  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)
    in the “capacitor” composed of the FETs’s. gate and silicon substrate controls the conductivity of a channel in the silicon substrate between the FET’s. output terminals. Varying the voltage applied to the gate terminal of the device varies this electric field, and. the effect is to change the resistance

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