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  • Customized Enclosure Meets Conductivity Needs
    Chromalox, a manufacturer of advanced thermal technologies, was searching for a junction box that was rugged enough to withstand hazardous location and extreme environments, and pass stringent ATEX testing. Take a look at our Case Study to how Phoenix Mecano provided a solution
  • Auto Gas Permeability Testing of Battery Diaphragm
    the opposite electrodes and is used to improve specific capacity and specific energy and to reduce the internal resistance of battery. Excellent battery diaphragm has requirements on the following items: electric insulativity, ionic conductivity, thickness and uniformity of material, mechanical strength
  • New Waves in Pharma-Grade Water
    on conductivity testing and total organic carbon (TOC) analysis. It is also working to harmonize testing and calibration requirements with those established in Europe, and will coordinate its efforts with Japan, which is planning to revise its water standards. New developments with important
  • Getting Down To Earth. A Practicle Guide To Earth Resistance Testing
    Nothing is quite so common or abundantly available throughout the world. as the earth's soil. We are more apt to think of earth as something to be. tilled for planting or to be excavated for a building foundation. Yet, it also. has an electrical property -- conductivity (or low resistance
  • Thermal Expansion Measurements of Insulative Materials and the Effect of the TMA Furnace Thermal Gradient (.pdf)
    conductivity. The thermal gradient was measured to be approximately 2.5 to 3oC per millimeter. This paper studies the impact of this thermal gradient on thermal expansion measurements of materials with varying thermal conductivity characteristics and thickness. The TMA instrument thermocouple location
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Insulation for Vessels and Piping
    thermal conductivity data is addressed through baseline testing. Engineering analysis and design factors such as layer thickness, density, and practicality are also considered.
  • The Use of Ion Chromatography in the Printed Circuit Board Industry
    application. The use of Ion Chromatography, in comparison to less detailed bulk conductivity/resistivity testing, simply provides better quantitative data about a sample's cleanliness which can help better understand the origin of detected "contaminants" and when used in combination with other
  • Medical Device Link .
    that the interfaces are actually rough, not smooth as they appear to the eye. The phenomenon of electrical conductivity occurs only over a small percentage of the metal area, at the few points where the metal surfaces are truly in contact. When these surfaces are abraded, the base metal is exposed

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