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  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    low dielectric constants, useful in radio and microwave frequencies. This makes them ideal for applications such as in conformal antennas, where the material must be applied around a radius. Microelectronics - Non-foamed polyurethanes are often used as "potting compounds" in electronics, where
  • Custom Die Cutting of Polyester Masking Tape for the Electronics Industry
    Recently, a client from the electronics industry hired Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. to manufacture various shapes and sizes of masking tape. This special tape was specifically designed for masking certain circuit board areas during the conformal coating process. Made from ATS668 polyester
  • Medical Device Link .
    devices and vascular stenting. Access to these important properties relies on the inherent conformal nature of the surface
  • Interlevel Dielectric Processes Using PECVD Silicon Nitride, Polyimide, and Polybenzoxazole for GaAs HBT Technology
    polybenzoxazole. PBO. The PECVD Si3N4 is mostly conformal when deposited. However, it has a high dielectric constant, cannot be used as. gapfill material, and does not planarize the underlying topography, which makes multilevel metallization challenging. Polyimide. and PBO, both of which need
  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    devices is parylene, a vacuum-deposited polymer coating. Transparent and flexible, parylene meets the requirements of a USP Class VI plastic and can be applied as a film in layers as thin as 0.1 mil to provide pinhole-free and conformal coating, even on complex surfaces. Traditional conformal
  • MICRO:Industry News:'Round the Circuit (Feb 99)
    , unnamed chipmaker is also participating in the open-ended project. The Electra system is based on Applied's Endura platform. Incorporating the supplier's ion metal plasma PVD technology, the system deposits the conformal liner and barrier layers required for manufacturing dual damascene high-aspect
  • MICRO: BEOL Equipment
    deposition has been the common technique for barrier deposition such as titanium tungsten or titanium nitride in silicon/barrier/aluminum systems. However, PVD has proven insufficient for the growth of highly conformal barrier layers in ultrasmall dimensions, where control over the barrier
  • Introduction
    an intuitive and qualitative understanding that is not readily gained in manipulating complex analytical expressions. Analytical methods developed in this text concentrate on separation of variables, conformal mapping, and Laplace transform techniques. Numerical finite difference and Monte Carlo

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