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  • Connectors
    The connectors of this series possess a robust, dull chrome-plated brass housing. With its elastically mounted and gold-plated contacts, the connector system is also suitable for low currents and voltages. A wide range of different pole configurations offer a wide variety of applications from
  • Power Connector Overload Test Has Practical Uses For AdvancedTCA Zone 1 Connectors (.pdf)
    When analyzing the capabilities of power connectors, users are familiar with creepage and clearance distances, voltage ratings, contact resistance, current ratings based on continuous operation, and performance values. However, a less familiar consideration is the current overload capability.
  • Connectors
    Connectors are divided into four categories based on operating environments: commercial, industrial, military, and hermetic. In commercial applications, outside temperatures and atmospheric conditions are the least critical. Connectors merely maintain electrical continuity, allowing low-cost
  • When is a Plastic Connector the Right Connector?
    Products made from plastic are thought of as cheap alternatives, but when it comes to connectors, they are sometimes the smarter option. Trevor Lee of LEMO answers the question: When is a plastic connector the right connector?
  • PCB Connectors
    Most printed-board connectors are either a one-piece receptacle or a two-piece plug and jack. With receptacle (edge) connectors, the printed-circuit board foils extend to an edge of the board and are mounted into the connector receptacle. With two-piece connectors, the connector jack is soldered
  • Coaxial Connectors
    CeramTec coaxial connectors consist of two concentric conductors: a central conductor surrounded by and insulated from a second tubular conductor.
  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    In current Fibre Channel systems, greater demand is put on cable and connector designers to address the high data rates already here and the ones fast approaching. At the moment, cable suppliers have produced excellent cable with tight tolerance characteristic impedance and low insertion loss
  • The Future of Connectors
    There are several trends in the connector industry that are no big surprise. As with many components and industries, everyone is looking for products that are smaller, lighter weight, and can do things faster. End products are getting smaller, and signal throughput is increasing as more demands
  • Making a Case For a New Connector
    The emergence of quick lock connectors, particularly quick lock versions of the SMA and N connectors (QMA and QN, respectively), was an inevitable development in the RF connector industry and is of significant importance in that nearly 50% of all practical applications for RF connectors
  • The ever-shrinking connector
    Demand for higher densities and smaller boards is shrinking connector centerlines and between-row spacings. Surface-mount components for the latest generation Ampmodu family of connectors from Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa., have 0.031-in. (0.8-mm) contact centerlines. They also contain fragile

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