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  • These mounts don't get the "point "
    Replacing point contacts with line contacts boosts load capacity of kinematic mounts. Spherolinder connectors come in stainless steel, tungsten carbide, hightemperature ceramics, and engineering plastics. Applications include precisionaligned components such as silicon-chip inspection equipment
  • 5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger
    this by connecting an earth wire to the earth point on either side of the data logger, or for older models without the earth points, use the negative ('-') input of the power terminal block immediately below the Ethernet port on the left side of the datalogger. All tests assume that the operator is familiar
  • Available Temperature Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    Thermocouples consist of two spot-welded wires of different metals or alloys. The thermoelectric effect at the contact surface is used to measure temperatures. A relatively small thermoelectric voltage is caused, which depends on the temperature difference between the measuring point
  • Software Review: "Test Driving " Preview Software
    to a drawing, click on the line, polyline, or curved-connectors icon on the toolbar, then move the mouse over the drawing board. Click to establish one end point and drag to the intended length. Directly above the canvas is a display of instructions as you work. This is
  • Medical Device Link .
    Electronic connectors typically fail when corrosion of their interfacing metal surfaces creates insulating by-products that make signal transmission intermittent or impossible (see Figure 1). A close look with a microscope at the metal-to-metal interface in an electronic connector reveals
  • Medical Device Link . Strain and Short-Term Creep Behavior of Thermoplastics in a Luer Taper Fitting Application
    fittings are assembled and disassembled several times over a period of weeks. For a female luer-lock fitting in the latter situation, the repeated cycle of stress strain stress relaxation stress removal stress reapplied is often capable of progressively distorting the connector to a point at which
  • Computer Power User Article - The Power To Protect
    connectivity cable, which is USB on one end and what looks like a fat LAN cable connector on the other. Keep the cable safe, as my local Radio Shack didn t carry spares. The unit s 10 sockets (five backed up, five surge-protected) encourage heavy use, and the unit managed to power my test machine for 19
  • Troubleshoot Wire Cable Assemblies with Frequency-Domain-Reflectometry Application Note
    (FDR) is the measurement. technique. The Site Master is battery operated so it can be carried to aircraft locations or remote installations where. there is no line power available. Better yet, the diagnosis can be carried out at one convenient point where the. wire cable end connector is located
  • Build Your Own Acopian Power System Online
    of unusual size or shape (other than 19" wide, or more than 7" high) may require more than 9 days. * An input power switch with indicator is standard. List any additional assembly features you would like included - output controls, meters, test points, individual fusing or switches, handles, chassis slides

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