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  • Polyetherimide
    index is 47%, one of the highest among the engineering thermoplastics. Smoke evolution, as measured in the NBS chamber test (ASTM E662), is low. Dielectric constant of PEI remains virtually unchanged between frequencies of 60 10° Hz and temperatures
  • MICRO: Guerra (April 2001)
    be used to reduce interelectrode capacitance. Employing low-k materials with a dielectric constant of 2.5 +- 0.1 at 1 MHz instead of silicon dioxide with a dielectric constant between 3.9 and 4.0 can reduce interelectrode capacitance by a factor of 1.6 if the dielectric layer's integrity can
  • Infrared Imaging of Acoustically Levitated Combusting Fuel Droplets (.pdf)
    It is essential to study the characteristics of the spherical combustion of fuel droplets, including the burning constant on free fuel droplets instead of on suspended fuel droplets. Accordingly, the objective of this study is examination of the combustion of a single, free fuel droplet
  • Accelerated Shelf-life Testing of Natural Colours in Model Food
    drinks). Samples were stored. in a constant climate chamber at 20°C, 30°C and 40°C and exposed to high-intensity light at 4.000 Lux. with UV at 1.4 W/m2 and in dark. Loss of color was monitored in terms of change in Hue (?H) over. time (7 months at 20°C and 8 weeks at 30°C and 40°C. Results showed
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 2
    of the formulation (R ) can be substituted for the resistivity terms if there is agreement with the cell constants of the resistance probes. We determine the collapse temperature, during the warming process, from the intersection of the line where D is equal to 1 or to a constant value (D
  • MICRO: 2004 Greatest Hits
    water generators. Designed to supply DIO water to single-wafer cleaning tools, the compact and self-contained unit provides ultrapure DIO with a high and accurate ozone concentration at a constant delivery pressure. The unit delivers DIO water with ozone concentrations between 5 and 55 ppm at flow

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