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  • Quick-operating Fasteners
    These fasteners should be used when repeated access to a component is necessary. When selecting these fasteners, important factors include strength of construction, smoothness of operation, and ease of installation. Speed can be a consideration if many fasteners are involved. Simplicity of fastener
  • Using Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects
    Certain classes of building defects continue to plague the construction industry despite a variety of defensive techniques put in place to prevent them. The defects occur when a nail, screw or staple penetrates a drain or vent pipe and the problem goes undetected because the pipe doesn't
  • Using Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects in Drain and Vent Pipes
    An issue that continues to plague the construction industry, nails and screws coming into contact with copper water pipes, can be diagnosed with infrared thermography. A leak may not immediately occur, but galvanic action between the steel fastener and the copper pipe will eventually lead to a hole
  • Proper Fastener Selection and Application are Key to Bolted Joints That Won't Loosen or Lose Clamping Force
    since screws were used at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the 7th century B.C. And many of the nuts and bolts used today were originally designed a century or more ago. Still, bolted joints remain one of the most common elements of construction and machine design. But many organizations and people
  • Conducting a Whole House Inspection for Latent Fastener-into-Pipe Defects Using Visual and Thermal Information
    A certain class of building defects continues to plague the construction industry, despite a variety of defensive techniques put in place to prevent them. The defects occur when a nail or screw comes into contact with a copper pipe or penetrates a plastic pipe carrying fluids. If these defects
  • RotaBolt (R) specified for Dow Corning's new Chinese plant
    Dow Corning, global supplier of silicone-based materials, is using over 4000 RotaBolt (R) tension control fasteners on high integrity pipe work, vessels and large body flanges at its new plant currently under construction in Jiangsu province, China.
  • Exceed Prescriptive R-Value Requirements With Continuous Insulation (.pdf)
    , exterior, or is integral to any opaque surface of the building envelope.". While "ci" is not a new concept, design and construction professionals and even building owners are becoming increasingly aware of the value of "ci" in helping to achieve desired thermal and moisture performance.
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    . But the closer quarters this entails forces designers to allow for external fields and physical factors that can influence sensor readings. The first thing to consider is construction material. Magnetostrictive sensors can read their position magnet even when there is a physical barrier between the position
  • Stamped Rings
    Stamped retaining rings have a tapered radial width that decreases symmetrically from the center section to the free ends. Tapered construction permits the rings to remain circular when they are expanded for assembly over a shaft or contracted for insertion into a bore or housing. This constant
  • Give glue a go
    (a common method of construction in the industry). The second was constructed entirely using Lord Engineered Adhesives. The doors were hung to a heavy steel frame and a hole was drilled in the lower corner of each to simulate where a horse might kick the panel. Then technicians threaded a 3/4-ton winch

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