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  • An XRD/XRF Instrument For the Microanalysis of Rocks and Minerals
    . NASA is funding the instrument's construction because of its capabilities and small size; it could be used for future Mars missions for analysis of rocks. The instrument uses a CCD to capture both the energy and the spatial information of an incoming x-ray. This is possible because each pixel acts
  • Every Millimeter Counts:Right-Sizing for Instrument Cases (.pdf)
    be important in instrument case design. An attractive unit can set an OEM's medical device. apart. There are several ways to enhance the appearance of a case including: - bezels. - paint. - silkscreen. - swivel handle. - rounded corners. - aesthetic construction. The enclosures in Diagram 3b shows
  • Fast-Switching LO Synthesizer Enables 26.5 GHz Synthetic Instruments (.pdf)
    oscillator. This paper presents a fast switching frequency synthesizer module, which. covers 3 to 9 GHz frequency band with a 0.1 Hz step size. The developed module occupies two standard 3-U PXI slots and is used. as an LO source for a 26.5 GHz harmonic downconverter. The module construction
  • Using the Cymbet TM EnerChip TM as a Backup Power Source for the Texas Instruments MSP430 Microcontroller (.pdf)
    Cymbet TM EnerChip TM thin film, solid state batteries feature all solid state construction, are packaged in standard integrated circuit packages, and can be reflow soldered for high volume PCB assembly. They are ideal as rechargeable backup power sources for clocks, memories, microcontrollers
  • A compact holographic optical tweezers instrument
    Holographic optical tweezers have found many applications including the construction of complex micron-scale 3D structures and the control of tools and probes for position, force, and viscosity measurement.
  • Global EMC Requirements for Gas and Flame Products
    When certification is considered for Hazardous Location (HazLoc) products, the. first thought that comes to mind is safety. Safety has a very specific meaning. in the context of HazLoc certifications - the instrument itself, by its design or. construction, must not be the cause of a safety problem
  • Acoustic Control System Based on a Box Computer
    The installation of our proprietary acoustic instrument control DA board in a box computer with expansion slots has enabled the construction of a minimum essential system at low costs.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Packaging Services Offered in Cleanroom Conditions Packaging and related services are provided by a company that recently completed the construction of Class 100,000, Class 10,000, and Class 1000 cleanrooms. In addition to packaging and labeling, the firm provides washing and final rinsing

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