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  • Oxygen Sensor Operating Principle Construction Note (.pdf)
    This application note describes the physics and concepts behind SST Sensing's range of dynamic and highly accurate oxygen sensors. It also provides critical information on correct use and implementation which is key to getting the most from the sensor in a wide range of applications. The sensor
  • Infrared Applications for Post Construction Radiant Heating Systems
    is to outline the various applications of infrared thermography for investigation of the systems, as presented in a case study format. The technique illustrates how infrared can be utilized to determine such post-construction items as identification of system zones, failure or impeded heat loss
  • Eliminating Temperature Sensor Errors in Loop Calibrations (.pdf)
    Significant performance improvement can realized by optimizing the loop calibration measurement system to better accommodate the unique characteristics of the temperature sensing element. All temperature probes and their sensing elements are unique, with variations in materials, construction
  • Construction Equipment
    With the increasing need for improved safety systems, on-board diagnostic systems, control-by-wire and GPS-based excavation and grading control, more precise, predictable, reliable control of actuator motion is imperative. MTS position sensors can form the basis of a sound closed-loop control
  • Sensor Sense: Advances in inductive sensing - Factor 1 sensors
    Inductive proximity sensors detect metal objects without touching them. Factor 1 inductive sensors have at least two coils in their design. One technique connects the first coil to an oscillator circuit while the other coil is part of an impedance circuit that controls the amplitude
  • Sensor Sense: Resistive Touchscreens
    touchscreen used a five-wire interface that's still employed on high-end touchscreens. Smaller and less-expensive units make do with four wires with only a slight drop in resolution accuracy. Touchscreen construction starts with a glass substrate that has a uniform resistive coating applied to its
  • Measuring Tube Construction Affects the Long-Term Stability of Magmeters (.pdf)
    This paper provides the full results of a German test agency's long term stability test comparing magmeters' plastic lined vs. ceramic flow sensor constructions. Filling machine type magmeters were used for the tests since they are often subject to rapid, repetitive cycling that includes
  • All From One Mold - Optical, Ultra Sound, Inductive and Capacitive Sensors
    A uniform casing design, the same calibration and start up, as well as standardized mounting - and alignment fixtures are the features of this series of sensors, which encompasses many different technologies. This results in a multitude of advantages with construction of machines and equipment

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