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  • A new angle on printing
    Although blade contact angle is a critical stencil printing parameter, screen printers have so far been unable to vary it 'on-the-fly', in software. The recently released Assembléon/Yamaha YGP printer has changed this, and has made new application. research possible to study a crucial 01005 process
  • Angular-Contact Bearings
    , but contact angles above 30 are not recommended for high-speed applications. bearings are supplied in matched pairs and should never be separated or used with single bearings from other pairs. They are used because most applications require support for bidirectional thrust loads. Duplex bearings
  • Torque Sensor Application - Rotating Torque Monitoring System
    sure to specify required RPM for proper sensor and related instrument selection. FUTEK's line of rotary torque sensors are strain gage type and are available with booth Slip ring type (300 series) with mV/V output or non-contact ones (600 series) with +/- 5VDC output. Both versions are also available
  • Safety Hinge: ESH
    of 30 - 45 mm and with a front groove. The pivoting range is adjustable at an angle from -10° to 180°. Once mounted, it is virtually impossible to tamper with the switch. The safety hinge possesses two switching elements. Depending on the version, these may be two positive opening NC contacts or one
  • LEDs light the way
    LEDs. A more concentrated beam of light lets the beam project further. The main application for LEDs is in displays which don't require a strong, concentrated light beam. A standard LED's construction is not designed with optosensor applications in mind. At the center is a metal electrical contact
  • Bearing Loads
    the edge of the raceway shoulder. Thrust ratings vary with contact angle. Lower ratings will result from either low or high angles. Dynamic load ratings are not directly applicable to life prediction of instrument bearings because little life-test data is available. However, metal-fatigue failure
  • Bearings with proper play live longer
    are not applicable to single-angular-contact bearings. Radial play, end play, and contact angle all provide a measure of bearing movement. But, it's not always clear which is the best way to typify movement for a specific application. Of the three, radial play is the most commonly used because
  • Medical Device Link .
    Using a ribbon-style contact interface for reliable repetitive plug-and-unplug applications, a series of I/O interconnects are capable of carrying either a signal or power. This feature allows designers flexibility in placing power supplies for peripheral devices. The Shielded Contact Ribbon (SCR

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