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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CMS-INK-EK-C 5 ASAP Semiconductor PHEONIX CONTACT Not Provided Not Provided
0801358 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Ink ribbon; Specifically for WMS shrink sleeves; L:300M; W: 110mm; black
5145397 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Special ink ribbon for ALL materials, including shrink sleeves, length is 300m
5145384 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Standard ink ribbon for polyester and foil materials, length is 300m
0811480 Digi-Key Phoenix Contact Computers, Office - Components, Accessories INK CARTRIDGE BLACK FOR CMS 1ML
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  • Bubble Removal from Inks Using SuperPhobic (R) Membrane Contactors (.pdf)
    When liquids and gases are brought into contact, mass transfer between the gas and liquid phases will occur. The concentration of gas dissolved in the liquid will continue to increase until equilibrium is reached. When gas concentrations in a liquid reach equilibrium, the liquid is gas-saturated
  • HP: Serializing the Tablet, Courting Big Pharma
    . It has to be compatible with different substrates of tablets. The equipment to serialize the tablet with non-contact, inkjet technology has already been developed in collaboration with inc.jet (Norwich, Conn.), which is providing the printing cartridges and components, equipment maker Efficient
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic
    itself in a non contact process. With laser marking, there is no direct contact with the plastic other than through the laser beam. Laser marking is the most flexible way of marking plastics and yields legible, sharp and indelible images. Lasers can mark products with various geometries in a fully
  • What is Corona Treatment and Plasma Treatment and how it works!
    of the surface: Surface energy, often referred. to as surface tension. Surface energy, like surface tension. is measured in mN/m. The surface energy of the. solid substrate directly affects how well a liquid wets the. surface. The wettability, in turn, is easily demonstrated. by contact angle
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Corona1
    energy. The surface energy or the wetability of a particular substrate is measured in dynes/cm (or ergs/cm2) and, when tested, untreated PP and PE will have a low surface energy (usually 30 to 32 dynes/cm). The most common method of determining the surface energy is to measure the contact angle
  • Medical Device Link .
    to benefit device manufacturers. In this section, key equipment suppliers share recent developments within their companies as well as in their industries as a whole. For an exhaustive list of equipment manufacturers and complete contact information, see the accompanying Buyers Guide on page 92. Smart
  • Medical Device Link .
    stand, adapters, and barrels and tips. Some benefits of the JB1113 include hygienic conditions and safeguards to prevent the operator from coming into contact with toxic materials. The dispenser's automatic deposit controls ensure reliable production and a reduction of waste, whether the device

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