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  • Voltage Portals Improve Non-Contact Voltage Detectors
    A voltage portal also makes a perfect voltage panel label. Perhaps it is even a 'better label' because it serves two. purposes: a test point and a label. Imagine if every voltage. source entering an enclosure was wired to a voltage portal?. Workers would see and be able to test every voltage source
  • No contact means no headaches in position transducing
    temperature range. The drawbacks to using potentiometers are also well known. For example, poor contact and long-term drift that accompany mechanical wear reduce the life of potentiometers and for some applications require frequent replacement. An alternative to traditional resistive potentiometers
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    In recent years infrared ovens and systems used to dry or heat materials in continuous web form or sheets running edge to edge have become more sophisticated by using automatic (closed loop) control systems. The temperature of the moving material is continuously measured with a non-contact
  • One Relay for Multiple Supply Voltages
    Mechanical relays continue to enjoy a growing demand and so far can't be replaced by solid state relays (SSR). Compared to SSRs, the lower cost, contact resistance and the galvanic isolation of mechanical relays is a convincing design for most applications. However, relay drivers, can profit from
  • Lower Control Voltages Reduce Shock Hazard
    now accounts for 60%. Many of the obstacles that prevented greater use of 24 Vdc such as power-supply costs, transistor and hard-contact ampere ratings, and voltage drop over long cable runs, are being eliminated. As these obstacles are overcome, interest in 24-Vdc control has increased. Furthermore
  • How to Pick a High Voltage Relay
    By working with the experts at GIGAVAC it's easy to select the right high voltage relay for your application. You only need to know a little about your contact load and whether the relay will be making and/or breaking the load ("hot' switching). If you would like to know more about the physics
  • Advantages of Constant Current Density Control Over Constant Voltage Control in Aluminum Anodizing
    under constant current density control while the voltage applied to the anodizing cell is allowed to float for responding to the variations of some factors, such as surface area, contact resistance, and the like, which frequently changes from run to run, shift to shift and day to day.
  • Ensure Safe System Operation with Certified Isolator Devices
    Isolation components such as optocouplers that are used in applications that have user safety issues as a key aspect. must not fail under continuous high-working-voltage bias conditions. Safety hazards exist and human life is at risk when. such insulation fails and the high voltages come in contact

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