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  • Voltage Portals Improve Non-Contact Voltage Detectors
    A voltage portal also makes a perfect voltage panel label. Perhaps it is even a 'better label' because it serves two. purposes: a test point and a label. Imagine if every voltage. source entering an enclosure was wired to a voltage portal?. Workers would see and be able to test every voltage source
  • Load Switching and Contact Protection (.pdf)
    within the glass capsule. To Contact damage and even sticking will occur depend-. receive the maximum life for a given load some precau-. ing up the total capacitance, voltage present and series. tions may be necessary. resistance. Because a Reed Switch is a mechanical device and has Tungsten filament
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    sophisticated by using. automatic (closed loop) control systems. The temperature of the moving material is. continuously measured with a non-contact radiation thermometer known as a radiation. pyrometer, and the reading compared with a stabilized voltage representing the desired. temperature, or set point
  • Contact Resistance Analysis for Press Fit Applications
    that contact resistance testing should be carried out using the mil ivolt level. method as specified in IEC 60512-2-1. In addition, care must be taken regarding the resolution of the. micro-voltmeter as well as corrections for thermo-electrical voltage. The measuring points should be. made as close
  • Large Surface Area Contact Mating System (.pdf)
    contact resistance provides energy savings and minimized voltage drop across. the contact. ➢ “Closed Entry” design prevents damage to female contacts and will not allow. POSITRONIC INDUSTRIES, INC. misaligned or bent contacts to enter. 423 N Campbell Avenue. ➢ Precision machined from solid, high
  • Non-Contact Thickness Measurement of Semiconductor Wafers
    removal rates are within customer specifications. The thickness measurement device must not only be capable of producing a highly accurate reading, it must do so without contacting the wafer surface. Capacitance based measurement probes have long been employed as a means of non-contact measurement
  • Sensitivity of Contact Electronic Throttle Control Sensor to Control System Variation (.pdf)
    sensor reliability. figures 5,6,7). As wear occurs at this sliding interface, debris can. be trapped between the wiper and the tracks. This. significantly increases contact resistance, producing. changes in voltage (noise) on the output signal. This noise on one of the sensors is detected
  • An Overview of Electromagnetic and Lightning Induced Voltage Transients (.pdf)
    in the contact gap of a. high voltage transient into the transformer secondary. switch), so that cumulative effects can be signi cant. winding, as shown in Figure 2. Energizing the Transformer Primary. Unless a low-impedance discharge path is provided, this. When a transformer is energized