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  • Voltage Portals Improve Non-Contact Voltage Detectors
    A voltage portal also makes a perfect voltage panel label. Perhaps it is even a 'better label' because it serves two. purposes: a test point and a label. Imagine if every voltage. source entering an enclosure was wired to a voltage portal?. Workers would see and be able to test every voltage source
  • No contact means no headaches in position transducing
    for the noncontacting potentiometer shows the coupling capacitance , and the stray ground capacitance, , are then summed by the integrating amplifier. The amplifier output voltage, , is proportional to the position of the probe. Noncontacting potentiometers typically are more linear than contacting types
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    In recent years infrared ovens and systems used to dry or heat materials in continuous web form or sheets running edge to edge have become more sophisticated by using automatic (closed loop) control systems. The temperature of the moving material is continuously measured with a non-contact
  • How to Pick a High Voltage Relay
    By working with the experts at GIGAVAC it's easy to select the right high voltage relay for your application. You only need to know a little about your contact load and whether the relay will be making and/or breaking the load ("hot' switching). If you would like to know more about the physics
  • Selection Guide to Clamp-On Current Probes
    Clamp-on current probes are designed to extend the current measuring capabilities of DNNs, power instruments, oscilloscopes, hand-held scopes, recorders or loggers and other diverse instruments. The probe is "clamped" around the current carrying conductor to perform non-contact current measurements
  • The Benefits of Closed-Loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process (.pdf)
    in expulsion, electrode sticking, and weak welds. Closed-loop power supplies allow a very precise upslope to be programmed at the beginning of the weld pulse. This upslope of current, voltage, or power helps to reduce the initial contact resistance and focus weld heat into the parts. The length
  • Sensor Sense: Resistive Touchscreens
    , the cover sheet deforms forcing the two coatings into contact. A touchscreen controller links the touchscreen to the computer. The controller first imposes an electrical voltage horizontally across the resistive coating of the glass creating a voltage drop across the surface. The conductive coating
  • Medical Device Link .
    A component enables contact-free transmission of analogue signals from a rotating or moving module to one that is stationary. The Inpud-A module comprises a 24-V-dc transmitter with a maximum of four interfaces.These can be operated as voltage outputs or, for long transmission distances

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