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  • Make your own insulated Container
    and ship the product. 1-800-ICE_BRIX (423-2749) ./3fe94448-8704-4fea-b999-d1cf219a48eb Make your own insulated Container. In a jam or just don’t have the profit in your product to purchase molded insulated containers. Build your own 2-3. day insulated container with common items
  • How to: Choose an insulated container and effectively package your product.
    all void areas (empty space) of the container with dunage or a solid type packing material. This maximizes the insulating performance and prevents products from shifting. 5.Close the insulated container, label and ship. How to choose an insulated container. Search By Keyword. How to: Choose
  • The Ball-Style Hone Goes to Sea (.pdf)
    Servicing the big bore diesel engines. on hard-working container. ships requires fast response as. well as the right training, skills and. tools. For American Diesel, one of. those tools is the portable but mighty. ball-style hone. untitled Ship Repair and Conversion. The ball-style hone goes
  • Case Study: Transocean Cable Repair Ship
    Rotary Frequency Converter. Rotary Design. Industry:Marine. Problem:Transocean cable repair ship requires 50 Hz. Solution:Model 200IND6050 in modified shipping container. Our Model 200IND6050QM is designed for converting shore power(60hz. in this case, could be 50hz.) to ships 50hz.(could be 60hz
  • Shipping Container for temperature sensitive chemicals & pharmaceuticals
    A producer of pharmaceutical precursor chemicals wanted to ship its temperature sensitive chemicals to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
  • The Need to Measure the Relative Humidity Temperature and Carbon Dioxide in Containers
    Besides ensuring a mechanical protection of its content, a container. can maintain low temperatures or/and a certain controlled. atmosphere in its interior. For example the transportation. of dried, fresh or deep freezed food requires a mixture of. different conditions - dry, cool and cold. So
  • Terac deck straighteners
    of Terac is a real sign of approval. '. Each of the two Terac 25s delivered to MHI is a turnkey solution that is housed in a standard 1.8m (5 ' 9 ") container. 'A small footprint is essential in busy shipyards, ' says Yanagawa. 'But despite its compact size, the Terac has been documented to cut
  • Secure Data Communication at Port of Rotterdam
    ) handles more than seven million tons of goods every year. processes. User commands are routed from the server to the. The Rotterdam-based company’s business focuses on quickly and. cranes via the extensive ECT network. reliably loading and unloading container ships, 24 hours a day and. 365 days

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