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  • Texas Refinery Identifes the Source of Boiler Contamination and Restores Production Using On-Line Steam Condensate Analyzer
    A major refinery in Texas, USA, recently experienced steam condensate contamination and major fouling of a boiler resulting in damage that led to an unplanned shutdown. The financial impact of the damaged boiler, unscheduled maintenance and loss of production drove a review of current condensate
  • Medical Device Link .
    Pleasanton, CA) recently received 510(k) clearance for its Cobas Taqman analyzer. The analyzer expands on the capabilities of the company's Cobas Amplicor analyzer and features improved polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. The Taqman system uses fluorescent-labeled probe technology
  • Analysis of Contaminant Adhering to Frozen Pizza
    The steady stream of consumer complaints related to foods reflects continuing high concern for food safety. To address these concerns and specific contamination-related complaints, it is important to quickly and accurately report the analysis results and clearly elucidate the contamination pathway
  • 5 Misconceptions About On-site Oil Analysis for Fleets
    The days of needing a laboratory full of specialized equipment to do oil analysis are long gone. The MicoLab (R) all-in-one oil analyzer combines four separate analytical instruments into one compact device. The MicroLab is used to test for elemental analysis, viscosity, oil chemistry and particle
  • Oil Monitoring in Trans-Border River Uh Between Ukraine and Slovakia
    The Problem: Long-term contamination of Uh river by waste motor oil, aircraft fuel, etc., being by-products of Russian army bases on Ukrainian part of the border. Slocakia needed to protect its rivers from this pollution by early oil warning systems on Uh river, since it flows into other rivers
  • MICRO: Defect Analysis
    David Palsulich, Kevin Coyle, and Larry Weston, Micron Technology A combined sample preparation and analytical technique to detect contamination offers accurate results, low detection limits, and the confirmation of interfering peaks. n semiconductor manufacturing, trace contamination on the wafer
  • MICRO:Analysis and Metrology (Jan '99)
    and Kelly J. Taylor, David A. Rothenbury, Mark Chavis, Timothy Hoff, and Craig H. Huffman, Early detection of process gas contamination is critical to preventing misprocessing of semiconductor product wafers, which usually results in scrap. Waiting for catastrophic contamination to occur
  • Checking Cleaning Efficiency of Metal Parts
    For applications involving gas regulators, space shuttle components, weaponry parts or oxygen sensors, it is critical that metal parts must be free of hydrocarbon contamination before use. Prior to its ban due to ozone layer depletion, Freon was the most commonly-used solvent for metal parts

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