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  • Dewatering Equipment-Image
    Dewatering Equipment - (230 companies)
    References. GEC - Dewatering Centrifugal Decanter, Figure 1. Komline-Sanderson - Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters, Figures 2-3. Lenntech - Filter presses for sludge treatment, Figure 4. VCCS - Sedimentation, Figures 5-6. Siemens - Gravity Belt Thickener... Learn More
  • Process Centrifuges-Image
    Process Centrifuges - (208 companies)
    ...particles from a liquid solution. Typically, this separation occurs because of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of a centrifuge bowl. With industrial process centrifuges, solids are separated from liquids using high-speed gravity. Many... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Continuous Miners - (13 companies)
    Continuous miners are composed of a rotating steel drum with hard metal teeth that is advanced through a mine in order to simultaneously excavate and extract coal and soft minerals in underground mining operations. Continuous miners are excavation... Learn More
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    Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) - (27 companies)
    Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) are used for the evaluation of pollutants from a gaseous exhaust. An integrated scheme of instrument hardware and a data acquisition system allows the operator to repeatedly measure emissions to remain... Learn More
  • Density and Specific Gravity Instruments-Image
    Density and Specific Gravity Instruments - (205 companies)
    Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine density and specific gravity. Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine the density and specific gravity of a mixture that may be solid, gas, or liquid... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Clarifiers - (232 companies)
    How to Select Clarifiers. Image Credit: Siemens Water Technologies. Clarifiers and screens are used to remove solids from liquids through gravity settling or a mechanical screening process. They are used to treat wastewater and purify drinking water... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hydrometers - (82 companies)
    Hydrometers are calibrated glass floats used to determine the specific gravity of a liquid. Image Credit: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC | Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot | Storage Battery Systems, LLC. Hydrometers are calibrated glass... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Calenders and Calendering Equipment - (33 companies)
    ...low-alloy cast iron or spheroidal graphite-iron. Drilled rolls are sometimes used for improved hear transfer. Specific gravity. Product width and thickness. Operating temperature. Accuracy. Production speed. Features. Calenders and calendering... Learn More
  • Level Sensors - (1095 companies)
    ...measure level based on the principle that pressure is proportional to the level of liquid multiplied by the specific gravity. In these devices the level equals the hydrostatic head (pressure) measurement divided by the density of the liquid. Image... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Conical Screw Mixers - (66 companies)
    Conical screw mixers use a rotating screw that progresses around the periphery of a conical hopper. The screw lifts solids from the bottom of the hopper to the top, where the mixture flows by gravity back into the screw. Mixing occurs around... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...of carrying out liquid-liquid extraction with a high solids. content. GEA Westfalia Separator has developed a continuous counter-current decanter. specifically for such applications. The counter-current extraction decanter is a horizontal scroll-. type centrifuge with a cylindrical conical solid-wall bowl... control odor emissions and avoid. concentric layer at the bowl wall. contamination of the product; ease of operation with. The solids contained in the slurry are deposited against. continuous or automatic control systems, and limited. the bowl wal by centrifugal force. The length... solve the problem and decided to purchase an AMCEC activated carbon technology recovery system. This article summarizes the background of the problem and how an economic solution was implemented. In the tape manufacturing operation, solvent based coatings and adhesives are applied to a continuous...

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Auric Techno Services Pvt. Ltd.
Decanter Separator Pieralisi, Italy, is one of the world-renowned manufacturers of Continuous Centrifugal Decanters

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Oil Skimmers? decanter allows continuous skimming with minimum...
Oil Skimmers? decanter allows continuous skimming with ... Oil Skimmers? decanter allows continuous skimming with minimum water pick up
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"To knock all high-alcohol wines is just simplistic". Decanter (UK: IPC) (December 2007): p8.

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EPA/452/B-02-001 Section 3 VOC Controls EPA/452/B-02-001...
1.1.1 Fixed-bed Units Fixed-bed units can be sized for controlling continuous, VOC-containing streams over a wide range of flow rates, ranging from

D. What are the initial and continuous compliance requirements?

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