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  • Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots-Image
    Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots - (283 companies)
    Shock absorbers, linear dampers, and dashpots are devices designed to provide absorption of shock and smooth deceleration in linear motion applications. They may be mechanical (e.g., elastomeric or coil spring), or rely on a fluid (gas, air... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Continuous Miners - (14 companies)
    Continuous miners are composed of a rotating steel drum with hard metal teeth that is advanced through a mine in order to simultaneously excavate and extract coal and soft minerals in underground mining operations. Continuous miners are excavation... Learn More
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    Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) - (28 companies)
    Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) are used for the evaluation of pollutants from a gaseous exhaust. An integrated scheme of instrument hardware and a data acquisition system allows the operator to repeatedly measure emissions to remain... Learn More
  • Dampers and Louvers-Image
    Dampers and Louvers - (275 companies)
    Dampers and louvers are used to control the flow of air in a process system or enclosed area. Dampers are usually motorized or manually-adjustable for flow control. Louvers are often fixed for a constant flow rate. Learn More
  • Level Sensors-Image
    Level Sensors - (1097 companies)
    Level sensors are used to detect liquid or powder levels, or interfaces between liquids. There are two basic level-measurement types: continuous and point or multi-point. How to Select Level Sensors. Image Credit: ABB Measurement Products... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Process Centrifuges - (210 companies)
    ...particles from a liquid solution. Typically, this separation occurs because of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of a centrifuge bowl. With industrial process centrifuges, solids are separated from liquids using high-speed gravity. Many... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Vertical Conveyors - (299 companies)
    ...which require the manual rotation or positioning of items. Belt conveyors use an endless, fabric belt and include flat belt, magnetic belt and trough belt conveyors. Bucket conveyors consist of a bucket elevator and an endless belt or chain... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Calenders and Calendering Equipment - (32 companies)
    How to Select Calenders and Calendering Equipment. Image Credit: Qingado Biz International Trade Co. | Alliance Machine and Engraving, LLC. Calenders and calendering equipment apply continuous heat and pressure to densify, smooth, or otherwise... Learn More
  • Cooling Tunnels - (35 companies)
    Cooling tunnels ensure controlled temperature reduction in both batch and continuous process systems. They are similar to air convention ovens, but have no heating capacity. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force ambient air or outside air... Learn More
  • Casting Machines - (27 companies)
    Casters and casting machines handle and process molten metals, alloys, and materials to form a net shape, near-net shape, or continuous stock shape. Variations include die casting machines, vacuum casting machines, continuous or strand casting... Learn More
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