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  • Establishing a new method for determining valve flow coefficient
    prediction must be provided. As O. P. Lovett observed in 1974, "Correct sizing for control valves has been a problem since they were invented. " Since control valves were first developed to control fluid transport, proper sizing and flow prediction have been necessary to select the correct valve size
  • Oden Corporation Introduces Statistical Process Control Data Acquisition Systems
    The Acquisition Of A Wide Array Of Statistical Process Control Data Made Possible By Oden's Patented NET/MASS (R) Technology *. Oden's Statistical Process Control (SPC) data acquisition system provides for collection of data and generation of trending graphs for: * Mass dose/weight. * Mass flow
  • Bulk Density of Powders Made Easy
    with other users for data analysis. The easy to use Comparison feature of the software allows for up to eight samples to be compared. Thus, if a control sample has been defined, subsequent samples can be pulled up and compared to the control. The corresponding flow function graphs for the bulk density
  • Dc motor impersonators
    flow through the stator at low frequencies. The V/Hz Profile tracks the proper stator voltage for any given input frequency. This block diagram shows the basic I/O structure between the major elements of a field-oriented control system. The microcontroller or digital-signal controller controls
  • Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection
    Learn the basic steps for picking the best clutch or brake instead of waiting to learn them when a component fails. These graphs show two curves drawn to the same time scale. The curves represent clutch-torque buildup time and coil-current buildup time. This circuit shortens decay time. When
  • Upping the efficiency of pumps and fans
    . Variable-frequency drives significantly reduce power requirements as fan speed decreases. Fan curves relate various operating parameters, based on the physical characteristics of a unit. This graph shows typical performance. Manufacturers once assumed that energy costs were, for the most part, beyond their control
  • Guidelines for sizing servohydraulics
    simulations demonstrate relatively stable pressures for the larger cylinder. Typical Bode plots show amplitude response and phase lag of the spool as a function of control-signal frequency. The graph shows operating characteristics of various valves. Linear valves with servo-quality spools provide flow
  • Choosing the Correct CAP Instrument for Automotive Paints and Coatings (.pdf)
    a Brookfield KU-2 Viscometer, the Krebs reading can be converted into a cP reading by rotating the knob which controls choice of measurement units. The best approach, however, if your customer only has a Krebs Viscometer, is to run some flow curve tests in your lab on the customer's material(s

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