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  • Liquid Control Valves
    Control valves are valves used to control conditions such as flow, pressure, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing. Sizing and selection of the automatic control valve that will meet all of your system requirements is critically important.
  • Energy Saving Control Valves
    control valve actuation. This discussion will show comparisons between two methodologies, and will assist the reader in making better-informed decisions about control valve actuation.
  • Pressure Independent Control Valves
    In HVAC plants, water distribution can be accomplished at constant. or variable fl ow. Each type of distribution system has advantages and. disadvantages. Today variable fl ow systems using electronic 2-way. control valves became generally accepted as the industry standard due. to their benefi ts
  • The basics of pneumatic control valves
    of classifying directional-control valves is by the flow paths under various operating conditions. Important factors are the number of possible valve positions and the number of ports and flow paths. Here are some basic configurations. consist of two ports connected with a passage that can be opened
  • How to Choose a Control Valve
    The control valve is the most important single element in any fluid handling system, due to the fact that it regulates the flow of a fluid in that system. System operating efficiency is directly related to the proper sizing of the control valve. If the valve is oversized, controllability
  • Trimteck's Custom Fabricated Control Valves
    Overview of custom fabricated globe-style control valves for quick turnaround of exotic alloy products.
  • Selecting the Proper Pressure Control Valve
    Before deciding on the appropriate diaphragm pressure control valve for your application, it is important to first understand some of the basic uses of these devices. Gaining a better understanding of how a pressure control valve works, and determining how one can best suit your specific
  • Trimteck Basic Control Valve Training
    A thorough introduction to control valves that provides technical background and context for any engineer, salesperson, or end-user seeking to learn more about the basic elements required to define, size, and specify this type of process equipment.
  • Selection Considerations for Control Valves Versus Regulators
    In any control system, the option potentially exists to select either a control valve or a regulator and it is useful to compare the respective performance and economics of these approaches to arrive at some general selection guidelines. Unlike regulators, control valves are not standalone products
  • Control Valves vs. Regulators in Control Applications
    Nowadays, it is crucial to understand the differences between what regulators and control valves can do in order to make the best choice.

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