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  • Balancing A Variable Flow Water System Will Ruin the Control System
    Many seminars and technical sessions have been held to outline procedures for balancing variable flow water systems. Most of these sessions recommend "Proportional Balance." When this technique is used, all control valves are set wide open and the circulating pump is operated at maximum speed
  • Flow Switches for Oil/Gas Refinery Water Treatment
    , etc., that can be used in refinery wastewater treatment. They all, however, have one thing in common: liquid flow switches are necessary to monitor and control the flow of water and chemical additives throughout the wastewater treatment system. Flow switches are used at multiple points in water
  • Flow Switches for Refinery Water/Wastewater Control
    To ensure quality production of petroleum-based products in oil refineries, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, and byproducts for plastics and a variety of lubricants, operators must establish reliable water monitoring and treatment. There are three refinery process areas
  • Converting Primary/Secondary Chilled Water Systems to All Variable Flow (.pdf)
    There is a perception in our industry that the control of variable flow chilled water systems is so complicated that it is difficult for the operators to understand. Thus, many engineers and designers have hesitated in converting primary/secondary systems to all variable flow, even though
  • Water conservation
    and flush water control arrangements on rotating equipment typically use large quantities of water. These flow rates are often uncontrolled. Studies done illustrate flush water use on packing arrangements. Reducing water use on rotating equipment can negatively impact equipment reliability. High
  • Deionized Water
    build up from the circulating coolant. The arcing can damage sensitive control electronics in the equipment being cooled. The lack of ions in DI water eliminates both of these problems.
  • Flow Control: The Importance of Spray Efficiency
    Have you ever tried to wash your car or water your lawn with a malfunctioning nozzle that is spurting water from the hose and/or handle connection? It's a frustrating endeavor, no doubt. But before a nozzle gets to the point that it is actually losing water at its joints, chances are it has gone
  • Monitoring Solar Hot Water Systems
    An installer of solar hot water systems needed a data logger that could monitor the temperature, water flow rate, and several other parameters at various points in the system, control the different circulating pumps, record the data for performance tracking, and monitor the energy production
  • Watts Altitude Control Valves Secure Desert Water Supply
    Prevented overtopping of tanks and the wasting of water, as well as prevent un-checked flow from the high tank to lower tanks in the even of a major water break
  • Case Study: Waste Water Management
    Characteristics of Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Require precise control because an error could result in the release of pollutants into the environment. Typically the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system involves a Master Terminal Unit (MTU) and one or more Remote Terminal
  • Controlling Chillers in Variable Flow Systems (.pdf)
    Since the evolution of primary-secondary pumping arrangements over 20 years ago, multiple chillers have been controlled by measuring flow in the secondary system and then operating the appropriate chiller(s) to handle the flow. This control method is flawed in that a variable flow chilled water
  • Custom Rubber Seals for Water Filtration Systems
    Water filtration systems remove impurities from water through physical barriers, chlorine disinfection, or ultraviolet (UV) light. In wastewater treatment plants, metal gates are bolted to concrete frames to control liquid flow and channel the effluent for disinfection. To prevent leakage, a rubber
  • Water Treatment - The No-Moving Parts Method
    of flow. Unfortunately, in most wastewater applications neither of these ideal situations occurs. It is therefore necessary to find the most suitable method to purify water to the degree that must be obtained. Motionless mixers used in conjunction with control instrumentation provide a way in which
  • Giving Travellers Reliable Access to Hot Water at Argentinian Service Stations
    Senese supplies service stations throughout Argentina with hot water dispensing units, and two years ago, the company was looking for a new solenoid valve supplier. After meeting with a Danfoss sales representative (Medición y Control), Senese chose the EV210B to control the hot water flow in its

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  • Transport of Water versus Transport over Water
    One of the prominent control problems encountered in the area of water manage- ment is to control water flows in an irrigation canal swiftly and with little resources involved.
  • Everglades Experiments
    The Army Corps of Engineers flood control design used levees, water storage areas, channel improvements and pumps to control water flow and storage.