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  • Medical Device Link . New Test Equipment Offers Less Bulk, More Versatility
    . In addition to test results, data identifying specimens by type, production batch, furnace, etc., can be recorded as the tests are carried out. Seaward Electronic Ltd. A portable, multipurpose device is designed specifically for electromedical safety testing. A microprocessor-controlled unit
  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    assurance, safety of computer-controlled devices, analysis of hazards of computerized medical devices, software quality assurance and reliability, and verifying purchased software. Autologous Transfusion Devices (ANSI/AAMI AT6 1991) Includes labeling and performance requirements, test methods
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    requirements. After forming, the "green" parts are then heated, or sintered, under controlled atmosphere at a temperature below the melting point of the metal but still sufficient to bond the particles together, thus markedly increasing the part strength. Microsoft Word - PorousHandbook2.doc. Porous Metal
  • Medical Device Link .
    moisture have been controlled, glass seals can be prone to physical leak paths. Glass seals fail hermeticity tests for physical leaks for the following reasons: Poor surface preparation. The metal package should have a proper oxide finish that is both adherent and of the proper thickness. Too thick
  • Medical Device Link .
    , or an air-supply line controlled by a regulator. In either case, the amount of air that enters the test part to replace the leakage flow is measured directly in standard cubic centimeters per minute. In the past, measuring leak rates using the mass-flow method was considered slower and less
  • Medical Device Link .
    into ovens that heat them to the proper forming temperature. Platens are used to clamp each tool, and the sheet is forced into or over a temperature-controlled tool by shaped plugs. Air is then forced into the plug chamber, pushing the hot sheet into or over the mold. Equipment. Heavy-duty forming
  • High-Tech, Space-Age Metal Surface Enhancement Coating Solves Wear and Release Problems for Pine Instrument Company's Gyratory Compaction Asphalt Testers
    High-Tech, Space-Age Metal Surface Enhancement Coating Solves Wear and Release Problems for Pine Instrument Company's Gyratory Compaction Asphalt Testers. The development of computer-controlled asphalt testing equipment to simulate and then quantify and predict the punishment which various asphalt
  • Medical Device Link .
    into it. The ambient air absorbs the heat from the hot-side heat sink. As with the cold side, a fan on the hot side will greatly increase the performance and efficiency of the thermoelectric. The temperature of the enclosure can be controlled through simple on-off thermostats or more precise controllers
  • Medical Device Link .
    is a viable option. The urethane family of plastics has broad characteristics, ranging from rigid to rubberlike. These plastics are not as strong or thermally stable as typical thermoplastics, but they achieve usable properties for closely controlled beta tests. The procedure for casting multiple copies
  • Silicone Rubber Thermal Interface Materials: Applications and Performance Considerations
    in the assembly used by Van Dyk et al. [8]. Zauscher referenced a study by Notter et al. showing. Application Examples. the average efficiency of a PV array was actually. higher in the winter months due to lower temperatures. A transistor is a solid state switch that is controlled by. but total electrical

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