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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SKGH500/14 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Thyristors:Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor Modules:Half-Controlled Positive Thyristors:Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor Modules:Half-Controlled Positive
DG90R1200 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Thyristors:Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor Modules:Half-Controlled Negative Thyristors:Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor Modules:Half-Controlled Negative
MCTV65P100F1 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Thyristors:Gate Turn Off Thyristors (GTOs):MOS-Controlled Anode Gate Thyristors:Gate Turn Off Thyristors (GTOs):MOS-Controlled Anode Gate

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  • Tom-Thumb turbines power radio-controlled jets
    a centrifugal clutch that decouples the helicopter blades from the turbine, letting them stop turning while the engine is idling. This 2.25-in. turbojet engine was designed and built by Ewald Schuster. It weighs 6.5 oz, produces 4 lb of thrust, and operates at up to 220,000 rpm. This turbofan engine
  • High-Performance Milling with a Tool Engagement Controlled CAM System
    has of winning the job and turning a profit. It is now possible to increase productivity without increasing cost by using a new milling technique-tool engagement milling.
  • Simple Fan Control Solution
    Ambient Temperature-Controlled Fan On/Off Switch - the TC620 logic output temperature sensor can work as a local thermostat, turning the cooling fan on and off when the ambient temperature levels exceeded threshold values. The programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis values make it easy
  • Equator TM programmable gauges help create the ultimate automation cell for bearing machining and parts sorting
    Conroe Machine is doing what most machine shops. only dream of - hard turning a family of parts around the clock in an unmanned cell that operates a 'self controlled' process. It integrates a FANUC robot with the Equator TM gauging system, using Renishaw EZ-IO software to provide simple
  • Magnetorheology
    . Importantly, the yield stress and viscosity of the fluid when in its active state can be controlled very accurately by varying the magnetic field intensity. CPG has recently developed an MR fluid testing apparatus that integrates with a standard shear rheometer.
  • Medical Device Link .
    a servo-controlled nonlift turret, a servo-controlled tailstock function, and compensation for thermal expansion. The housing of the indexing unit on which the turrets are built has a low centre of gravity to provide high rigidity and cutting stability for turning, drilling or milling. The distances of 820 mm
  • Methods To Increase The Hold-Up Time Of AC/DC Or DC/DC Converters
    signal when the supply voltage is turned off (T4). After the processor receives a power failed interrupt signal, it will go through its shutdown routine that may include collecting critical data, such as turning off controlled transducers, etc.
  • Scanning for Ideas: A Motor Pump Built for Solar Power
    voltage-current curve to get maximum performance. This coincides with the point at which the pump generates maximum rpm and, therefore, maximum performance. The electronically controlled motor operates on 8 to 24 Vdc. The pump can generate up to 250 psi with a brass housing, or 50 psi with the plastic
  • Keeping cool with carbon
    in multiple steps under carefully controlled conditions to 2,000 C or higher until it carbonizes almost completely, much as wood does in turning to charcoal.

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