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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IC8022 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Microprocessor ICs:Microcontrollers/Microcomputers:8-Bit with A/D Converter Microprocessor ICs:Microcontrollers/Microcomputers:8-Bit with A/D Converter
IC834A Newark / element14 BLACK BOX Not Provided BLACK BOX - IC834A - DB9 MINI CONVERTER; USB to SERIAL
IC0515DA Digi-Key XP Power Power Supplies - Board Mount DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 1W
IC0512DA Digi-Key XP Power Power Supplies - Board Mount DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1W
IC0505DA Digi-Key XP Power Power Supplies - Board Mount DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 1W
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  • Thermal Considerations For DC/DC Converters
    heat transfer). A = surface area in in2. S. T = surface temperature in °C. S. T = ambient temperature in °C. A. Application Note DC-004 DC/DC CONVERTERS DCDC_AN04_REV01.PDF. SHEET 4 OF 7. DIODE BRIDGE. DC/DC CONVERTER. IC. CAP. POWER. TRANSFORMER. FIGURE 6A. Example of thermal runaway in an enclosed
  • Dealing With Noise Generated By A DC/DC Converter
    each other. Cost reduction efforts have influenced the industry up to a point that IC and converter manufacturers design application-specific products to minimize cost. The most commonly used noise reduction component is a low-pass filter at the output and/or input. Noise in DC/DC converters
  • Application Guidelines for On-Board Power Converters (.pdf)
    conditions may cause inte-. For power levels below 30 W, it is not uncommon for. grated circuit (IC) lock up or changes in state, produc-. the dc-to-dc converter to be designed using variable. ing an undesired output. Lock up is a condition when. frequency techniques to minimize cost. The operational
  • DC/DC Converters In Power Sequencing Systems
    System power from multiple supply voltages utilize power up/down sequencing to avoid IC latch up, a potential cause of catastrophic failure of a system. Semiconductor companies offer different ICs to address most power system sequencing needs. When multiple DC/DC converters are used in a system
  • Application Guidelines for Non-Isolated Converters: Input Filtering for POL Modules (.pdf)
    (both in. For the 5V and 3.3V input bus voltage cases, the. value and physical size) capacitors are placed closest to. allowable ripple on the input bus is usually dictated by IC. the module input pins. Layout is also important in dealing. loads powered from the same input bus. Although. with high
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    pass filter. tions, however, a dedicated SMPS Controller IC may be. at the converter output. overkill. An alternative approach is to generate a low. A DC/DC Converter is normally chosen because of its. cost SMPS function in a smart microcontroller, such as. high efficiency in converting the input
  • Layout Tips for 12-Bit A/D Converter Application
    . This is due to the fact that the. mixed signal. Delta-Sigma Converter is primarily a digital IC. The board layout strategy should map the diagram. Ground and Power Supply Strategy. shown in Figure 2. Notice the relationship of digital ver-. sus analog and high speed versus slower speeds to the. Once
  • D/A Conversion Using PWM and R-2R Ladders to Generate Sine and DTMF Waveforms
    Many embedded applications require the generation of analog signals. Although separate D/A converter IC?s exist on the market today, their extra price makes them prohibitive in cost sensitive embedded control designs. The following application note describes two DAC designs for generation

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