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  • SCP-X Extreme Environment Power Supply (.pdf)
    . ratings that typically specify protection against. particulates, water and other contaminants. Here. cabling to and from a large number of devices can. are a few relevant definitions from the National. become a complex issue with reliability, maintenance. Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA
  • How Does a Generator Create Electricity? How Generators Work
    Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in different applications. In the following
  • Why Viscosity Matters
    coolant flow and reducing heat transfer. *Corrosion - Undesirable water chemistry can attack metal components of the system. MIC, mentioned earlier, is one type of corrosion. Galvanic Corrosion can occur from electrical interaction of different metals with the coolant. The use of ethylene or propylene
  • Application: Automobile Brake Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    . Figure 3. Brake Fluid Low Position- Reed Switch closed activating lamp indicator light. liquid reservoirs. • Coolant overflow fluid system sensing. ME. M D. E E. D R. E ’. R s. ’. s Rel. e ila. i b. a l. b e. l. e Ree. e d. e. d App. p r. p o. r a. o c. a h. c. h To. o Bra. r k. a e. k. e Flu. l i. u
  • Application: Automobile Brake Fluid Level Sensor (.pdf)
    this sensor requires some electrical circuitry, using a printed circuit board. KSS. S Se. S r. e ies. e. with plated thru solder holes guarantees reliable connections using an. automated wave soldering system. Others have chosen welding technology. which can guarantee a good connection, but can also damage
  • How To Select Instrumentation Sensors To Ensure Continued Performance
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  • Cooling with Augmented Heated and Cooled Seats (.pdf)
    . 99/58907 to Bell. However, the air from the HVAC module on initial startup. Two Thermoelectric. Airflow from Rear. is not thermally conditioned. In the case of heating, it. Modules per Seat. A/C and Rear. Foot Utilized for. takes time to warm the coolant due to the thermal inertia. Seat Airflow

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