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  • System Design Relating to Lens Assemblies (.pdf)
    -based imaging systems for microarray. of the system described in detail provides images. analysis have been built (1), and several are commercially. of 20 mm square areas using a 27 mm square,. available (AppliedPrecision,. 2K · 2K pixel, cooled CCD chip with a well depth
  • Transparent Oxygen Optodes in Environmental Applications at Fine Scale as Measured by Luminescence Lifetime Imaging
    emission filter (of) and is detected by the CCD-camera (CCD). Finally the. images are read out (data) by the PC. The MOLLI imaging system (Fig. 1) consists of an electrically cooled CCD-camera (SensiMod, PCO Computer Optics,. Kehlheim, Germany) with a fast electronical shutter feature. Additionally
  • Luminescence Lifetime Imaging with Transparent Oxygen Optodes
    consists (Fig. 1) of a thermoelec-. ments have shown that for a speci®c indicator±matrix. trically cooled CCD-camera that can be gated at minimum. mixture the ratio or fraction between these two components. t ˆ 500 ns (SensiMod, PCO, Germany), a controlling PC. stays constant (frac has
  • Dark Count
    Next to the quantum efficiency, resolution (number of bits) and noise figure, this is perhaps the most important CCD specification. Dark count refers to that property of all CCD sensors to generate charge in each pixel on its own with time and depending on the temperature. The lower the temperature
  • Red Enables Cell Membrane Study
    In biological microscopy, simply being able to view a sample is half the battle. It is also crucial to capture and archive images for future reference. CCD cameras seem to be the technology of choice for this task, but not all of these devices are the same. Various microscopy applications demand
  • Simultaneous XRD/XRF with low-power X-Ray tubes
    the energy. resolution. The CCD is sensitive to X-rays in the region of 1.5 keV to 12 keV. The. depletion region of the CCD limits detection of energies higher than 12 keV and the gate. structure on the CCD limits energy detection below 1.5 keV. With the CCD cooled to. -50° C with five-second exposures
  • Electron Multiplication CCDs Offer a Flexible Solution
    -. cations. G. Therefore, the device can be used. termine whether investing in a deep-. both as a conventional CCD without. er cooled camera is necessary when. gain for higher light levels or with. the application may be the limiting. Meet the authors. Murad Karmali, vice president of sales,. gain
  • QE65000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    The Ocean Optics QE65000 Spectrometer includes the linear CCD-array optical bench, plus all the circuits necessary for spectrometer operation. The result is a compact, flexible system, with no moving parts, that's easily integrated as an OEM component. The QE65000 spectrometer is a unique

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