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...for FTIR- (Fig. 2) and TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) spectrophotometers (Fig. 3) include fiber coupler to FTIR-interferometer or to TDL, pig-tail LN cooled HgCdTe-detector, MIR-fiber cables and a variety of evanescent probes and gas/liquid cells.... the commercialization of mid-IR lasers that can be operated with thermoelectric cooling modules. These new lasers will be much more economical than current devices, which must be cryogenically cooled. Consequently, they should find cost-effective uses in a variety of semiconductor manufacturing processes in which...

...the energy. resolution. The CCD is sensitive to X-rays in the region of 1.5 keV to 12 keV. The. depletion region of the CCD limits detection of energies higher than 12 keV and the gate. structure on the CCD limits energy detection below 1.5 keV. With the CCD cooled to. -50° C with five-second exposures...

...hysteresis. Detector. Transducer which produces a voltage or current proportional to the electromagnetic energy incident upon it. See also Thermopile, MCT, Thermoelectric Cooled, Pyroelectric, and Lead Selenide and Si detectors. Dielectric Withstand (Breakdown Voltage). The maximum voltage an insulator...

...with an external computer, the IR-ray source, the transfer optics and the IR detector, and the cell. Interferometer The interferometer modulates the IR light along with the light from the laser and from the white-light source. The latter two are used for scaling the spectrum. The complete...

Gearing - Gearing Scientific. Introduction. Polymer analysis takes many forms and two general areas are: Thermal Analysis and GPC or SEC. Thermal analysis (TA). This is seeing what happens to a small amount of material when it is heated or cooled or iso-thermed at a particular temperature or several...

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