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  • Standards-Based Design & Electronic Packaging Solutions
    engineers are equipped with the capability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative electronic solutions to the market. Pentair Equipment Protection, a division of Pentair, is a provider of product and service solutions for enclosing, protecting and cooling electrical and electronic systems. Its
  • Fan Efficiency, An Increasingly Important Selection Criteria
    to the system's cooling components. In some instances, 25% or more of the total power budget for a high end rack system is allocated to the cooling fans. Using high efficiency fans has a cascade effect on system design. Power supplies can be down sized saving weight and space and the fans power distribution
  • Motor Design, Quality and Performance are Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers (.pdf)
    characteristics and acoustics, the motor which powers the impeller or fan is critical to safe and reliable operation and protection of valuable system components. ebm SELECTION Motor Design, Quality and Performance are. Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers. Most electronic systems
  • Field Applications: Keeping Your Enclosure Cool
    • January 2005. Enclosures. Field Applications. tube-axial fan is the most common type used in elec-. fans alone may not be enough to remove hot air. When selecting fans or blowers, pay attention to. tronic cooling systems. It is similar to a propeller fan. due to high airflow resistance
  • Enclosure Design Tips Handbook
    and welded. Construction of products and. 12. construction, with optional bottom. prototypes. Provides protections. plate. and structure. Accessories. Fans, fan trays, blowers, handles,. Provide cooling, mobility, slide-out. 14. feet, casters, levelers, slides,. access to instruments, power. panels shelves
  • Mobile Communications Technology in an Outdoor Cabinet
    influences - tested to IEC 68-2-1, -2 and -14. The cladding is coated with a weather resistant powder coating. Due to the double wall construction of both cabinet versions, a certain amount of heat can be dissipated without additional cooling components (i. e. fans, heat exchangers and climate control
  • Crawford County Information Technology Services - Case Study
    from the electronic. Saegertown. And, it just barely qualified. equipment through a condenser fan at the top. “In the open spaces in that facility, there was no place. for a small data center,” Kelley adds. “We didn’t need. The Results. a lot of room, just enough for a couple servers, a UPS
  • Medical Device Link .
    , with outputs in all the common voltages, from 1.8 to 48 V, at currents as high as 100 A. Some are packaged into open-frame designs as small as 1.5 x 5 x 7 in. that fit into a 1U rack space. Most are available with built-in cooling fans and covers to maximize cooling and minimize electromagnetic interference
  • Power Supply Comparisons
    with PFC. 0.6 - 0.7. 0.6 - 0.7. Cooling. convection or fan. convection or fan. convection. Isolation. yes. yes. yes. Input Voltage. Range. 90 - 132 VAC. (without PFC). and/or. 180 - 264 VAC. (without PFC). -----------------. 90 - 264 VAC. (with PFC). 105 - 125 VAC. and/or. 210 - 250 VAC. 0 - 125 VAC. 0

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